Sir Vahn wanna hunt herculess server.

Started by SirVahn, Jul 06, 2023, 06:14 PM

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Gimme some name pl0x /ho

-Server must be low rate max 10x

-Recently open

-Patch 13.1
Swordman lover


You will have to include more details, as per the sectional rules suggest

For every server seeking topic, you are required to include at least three different requirements to help readers understand your taste of servers.


Thanks for your help, ill read each rule carefully.
Swordman lover


You may want to check us out! The server is opening in 7 days but we already have a friendly core population waiting for it.

Base/Job Rates:
Note: These rates are set individually for each character upon creation.

1x/1x: Earn 2500 Flex Coins & receive a 10M Zeny bonus.
5x/5x: Gain 500 Flex Coins & enjoy a 2M Zeny bonus.
10x/10x: Acquire 250 Flex Coins & receive a 1M Zeny bonus.
20x/20x: Receive 125 Flex Coins & a 500k Zeny bonus.

Drop Rate: 5x for normal mobs 1x for MvP (but MvP has halved respawn duration)

Server Higlights:
Max Level: 99/70.
Episode 13.1
Transcendent Classes: Unlock transcendent classes at level 95/50 without requiring rebirth. Go straight from 2-1 or 2-2 into transcendent class, skipping high novice and 1st classes.
Max Party Size: 20 | Guild: 36
Hardcore Challenge*:  Optional mode with 1x/1x rates and 1 life. Featuring exclusive rewards upon completion.
PvP, WoE, and Battlegrounds 2.0
Unlock PK Mode: upon reaching level 99
MvP Hunting and Raids
Seasonal Events
2x Wild MvP Spawns
Administrator at FlexRO
Pre-Renewal | Low Rate | Casual


 /lv thanks you ill take a look! If nice ping ill 99/70 in autoberserk ill be nice to challange my self or destroy my toaster  /gg
Swordman lover