Looking for low/mid EU host server.

Started by Chmiel, Jun 20, 2023, 04:38 AM

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Me and my few old Ragnarok friends are looking for server:
- EU host, not EU proxy. We don't like lags;
- Warper(can be without mvp maps), reseter, job changer. Rest doesn't matter, but we are openminded for more customs;
- Pre-renewal 99/70;
- At least 150 people online without vendors;
- Active BG (KvM is a big +)/WoE will be nice.
We hope someone will finally open nice EU server for old players who wants to have fun with RO again, but don't have a lot of time because real life. /ho


Hi Chmiel,

MindRO fits your preferences and is located in europe.



Hi. I am an old euRO player also in search of a new server. Would like to talk. Check your private message please.


You're always welcome to join us at MindRO! mindro.orgI've been playing for a few months now and the community is pretty great with a pretty active pvp scene  /lv
It's got everything that I ask for to relive good ol' times, pretty balanced imo, and still able to balance out real life commitments too.
Just give me a shout out on main if you decide to join ^^


Still looking for server.  /hmm
150 online + (no vendors and hours rewards afkers ).  /no1