Low/Mid server with the most players right now? Most balanced gameplay?

Started by Kodiac, Jun 30, 2023, 10:21 PM

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What is the low/mid server with the most players right now? WHat about which server has the most balanced gameplay?


You'd probably enjoy playing on Adamant. I actively try to keep the game balanced with customs and you'll find adjustments for extended classes, etc.

We have a fairly stable population and WoE is starting soon.

If you have any questions, hop by the Discord and say hello! No need to play - you can ask around and see if you like the place.



I'm currently playing on a low-rate server called AdamantRO. Been playing for there for almost 2 months after an 18-year hiatus from the game. The community has been great so far. Owner and the admin team is active on Discord. There're also helpers around to answer any of your questions, as well as community guides to help you get started with the server's customizations and features. Donation also isn't required, and Cash Shop currency can be acquired by doing daily quests in-game. Server has around 200-250 players active, and while pre-renewal, the owner does as much as he can to balance things around in regards to class balances, with emphasis on making extended classes like Ninja, Taekwon, and Gunslingers viable in the current meta.

Discord : https://discord.gg/PwjZeUch
Rates are 15x/15x/10


Alfheim probably has highest player count now on the low rates (except official servers).

Though I don't know what this "Space Ragnarok Online" is that is currently at the top of RMS mid-rate servers. It lists the most online players right now on their page.

If people from NovaRO all migrate to the same server then that server probably has the highest player count.

Most balanced? Well, I know that Payon Stories puts in quite a lot of effort to balance everything. They even changed all monster stats so each is worth about the same killing.

ADM Ornstein

Return to Morroc might be a good idea if you're looking for a twist.

Average player count is 900 unique players daily. 350~450 on at all times (+200~220 merchants), in constant growth.

The server is very recommended if you're tired of RO and want something fresh, but familiar that respects lore and your time.

As for balance, it's not perfect (but what game is nowadays?) but since we went to the full custom route (all items, cards, equips, jobs, skills and monsters are 100% custom) with a different combat system (rotations, combos, stacks, dodging, harder) it literally can always be changed if needed, we're not bound by kRO/Gold Time rules.

Server is also 100% costume-only on cash shop, so you can't P2W all the way up.

It however is not recommended if you want a nostalgia trip, something familiar or a quick weekend escapade and such, In this case the servers above mentioned will fit you better.

But do consider giving us a go. You'll be welcome and have quite a fun new experience.

https://returntomorroc.com/ / https://discord.gg/returntomorroc
Working again on cool stuff for people tired of the old stuff.

This time invite only. :P