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Low Rate or Mid Rate. Looking again~

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Server: Infinity Ragnarok Online
Website: www.infinity-ro.net
Rates: 50/50/35 [Custom MVP card drop rate]
Max Base Level: 99
Max Job Level : 70
Max ASPD: 190
Main language: English
No third job

Server features:
- Custom Crafting System [ Visit website for more information ]
- Custom (PVM) Mvp Cards [ Same effect as normal MVP cards but disabled in GVG/PVP]
- Custom Card of the week system [ To get rid of MISC cards like poor poring cards in exchange for great rewards ]
- EXTREMELY balanced reward system [ No disparity between a donor and non-donor ]
- Custom WOE [Theme based on Lol castles(youtube's #1 ragnarok online series)]

Chemical Crush:

--- Quote from: savagewildman on Sep 05, 2011, 04:14 pm ---Give Ragnarok Frontier a look, it might be just what you are looking for.

Rates are 9x/9x nontrans, 6x/6x trans with 4x drops
Custom monthly headgear quests
Cash items are very limited and are not overpowered
Very friendly community with a mentor system to help you get established.
Server was wiped a week (about) ago, WoE has not been enabled to allow players to get established.
GMs are friendly.
Has a smaller population (around 100 players in peak hours)
no 3rd class w/ 99/70 max level.

It is a PVP server, but the majority of the players are very easy going. Don't let that discourage you.
This may be the small community, easy going server you are looking for.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, I may try your server out in the next day or so .  It does scare me that its a 'pk' server, but I'm open to new things.

Until then.  Bumping this saying I'm still looking for other options, just in case.  Thank you all who have posted, I have viewed your servers.  But most are not to my liking.

Secret Duckie:
Hello, hello! I haven't yet posted to you! I have looked at your thread like five times and for some reason I was thinking we didn't meet your qualifications, but I guess I'm just crazy! o__o;

Anywho! Hello there! I'm Secret Duckie and I'm here for NeuRO! We're a newer server, 68 days old! We have a high population, though, of 400+ players with a peak of 541. Anywho... here's your requirements!

--- Quote ----No 3rds. THIS IS A MUST I DO NOT LIKE 3RDS AT ALL.  99/70 Max Level.  Check and check! No thirds everever. <3

-NO newly opened server with WoE on.  THIS IS ALSO A MUST.  Don't have a population of 20 with WoE on, that's just dumb. Newly opened to an extent, but we're already all grown up! xD <3

-I like SMALL populations, shockingly.  But ill play if the population is large also. We do not have a small population, as I already mentioned. <3

-Customs, I love LOVE LOVE LOVE custom hats, easily obtainable hats, ect.  I'm all about the cuteness.  ;p This one is tough because although we have no customs, we will be implementing replacement sprites for items already in the game and the disguiser. They are made by me and you can find them if you search my posts (as I have an RO gallery here!) if you're wanting to see them! We got an overwhelming no when we asked if people wanted custom hats about a month in, so that's why we're just replacing sprites. <3

-Events.  I love me some automated events, and GM held ones! We have an automated one every hour (3~4 different ones) and lots of GM ones as well!

-Quests.  I also REALLY love quests.  I mean custom quests, no the ro Default quests. This is really high on the bar, if you have a lot or a decent amount of interesting custom quests you'll be on my first list to check out.  And no, I don't mean just a 'hatter'. Right now our scripter is actually making a ton of custom EXP quests (including a HP based one if you're into HP!) and we held an event for designing them as well! We're hard at work on those right now <3

-Side Things.  I like side things to do, fishing, mining, Bounty Hunting, whatever it is.  The more interesting things you have for me to do, the longer i'll play.  So list what interesting features you got.  Not anything PvP related, I actually dislike PvP so I don't take Battle Grounds into consideration as ' side things ' to do that are interesting. Nothing like that at the moment, and we are a WoE oriented server. Like I said we have tons of event options and plenty of exp quests coming up though. <3

-No OP donations, that means no cards of any sort in the donations, no +20 stats or anything like that.  I don't mind battle manuals or anything like that, cute hats, ect. Our only donations can be voted for and are basically just a ton of cute hats! There's also some useable items like stat food, unlimited fly wings, name change tickets, etc.

-Rates.  Depending on what other things you have, i'm willing to play anywhere from 3x~150x Our normal rates are 50x/50x/25x with floating rates up to 75x/75x/25x. At the moment we are having a double exp event for our two month anniversary and to celebrate reaching over 500 players! The current rates are 100x during that event.

I just like fun servers that have things to do.  I also like  a nice community, now i know there are butts in all servers.  And the GMS must be active, not everyday or all the time, but I must see GM activity at least once a week.  :| Of course we have some butts, but we also have lots of super friendly and fun people who just like to talk in Prontera. The GM's are also active and love to talk! (ESPECIALLY ME!) xD <3
--- End quote ---

PHEW! I hope you give us a shot! There's a few things we don't quite meet, but I hope that you'll try us out anyway! <3

Thank you for reading!!

Chemical Crush:
Haha thanks for that, as for Custom hats I don't mean literally custom hats that you go out and buy from a spriter, I just mean hats that can already be INGAME that no server seems to use.  I dont mind custom hats also, but as long as you got some cute hats that are easy to obtain or just obtainable at all, i'm good.  Lol :3

Secret Duckie:
Ohh! Yes, then! We do have quite a few of the hats people don't frequently use. Tonnnnsssss in the disguiser, but also quest ones, mob drops, and event headgears.

We're not an anti Kafra Band server! HAH. <3
That seems to be the one that EVERYONE leaves out. I don't know why! It's sooo cute. ;__;


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