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Not sure if you'll like the server, but TalonRO might be something for you.

--- Quote from: Chemical Crush on Aug 25, 2011, 10:42 pm ---So here lately i've been a little bored and trying to find a decent RO server to play.  I try not to be particularly picky about the servers but I eventually end up being anyways.

Here's what I'd like to see, not all have to apply

-No 3rds. THIS IS A MUST I DO NOT LIKE 3RDS AT ALL.  99/70 Max Level.

-NO newly opened server with WoE on.  THIS IS ALSO A MUST.  Don't have a population of 20 with WoE on, that's just dumb.
We've been open for 4.5 years and never wiped. About a 650-900 player population (including 300-350 vendors).

-I like SMALL populations, shockingly.  But ill play if the population is large also.
See above.

-Customs, I love LOVE LOVE LOVE custom hats, easily obtainable hats, ect.  I'm all about the cuteness.  ;p
We have a bunch of custom hats, but mainly every single official hat, from every official server. You'll see a lot of hats you've never seen before. Plus, we have quite some custom quests for them. Not one of those servers who claim to have 200 hat quests and then have one NPC that asks for items. Actually decent quests with a storyline per headgear.

-Events.  I love me some automated events, and GM held ones! 
Yep. Check our homepage :)

-Quests.  I also REALLY love quests.  I mean custom quests, no the ro Default quests. This is really high on the bar, if you have a lot or a decent amount of interesting custom quests you'll be on my first list to check out.  And no, I don't mean just a 'hatter'.
See above~

-Side Things.  I like side things to do, fishing, mining, Bounty Hunting, whatever it is.  The more interesting things you have for me to do, the longer i'll play.  So list what interesting features you got.  Not anything PvP related, I actually dislike PvP so I don't take Battle Grounds into consideration as ' side things ' to do that are interesting.
We have Mining, Minigames, Monster/Map/Minigame of the Week and much, much more.

-No OP donations, that means no cards of any sort in the donations, no +20 stats or anything like that.  I don't mind battle manuals or anything like that, cute hats, ect.
Well, we do have donations for "Talon Coins", which can be used to buy quite powerful items. However, these can all be easily obtained through an extensive Reward System. Furthermore, the best items are only obtainable through quests or farming. And we have Vanilla WoE/PvP/Events in which all "donation" items are restricted.

-Rates.  Depending on what other things you have, i'm willing to play anywhere from 3x~150x
The rates are 5/5/3 by base. However, they can go up to 8/8/3 (and mostly are) through a community effort.

I just like fun servers that have things to do.  I also like  a nice community, now i know there are butts in all servers.  And the GMS must be active, not everyday or all the time, but I must see GM activity at least once a week.  :|

<3  Thanks for readin~

--- End quote ---

So yeah, you can give us a try if you like. Don't let the "OP Donations" scare you off. There really isn't much of an advantage over playing the game normally, apart from getting them a bit faster than others if that floats your boat.

www.talonro.com :)


It sounds as if heRO is what you need for an interesting server, and we do fit all of the criteria that you've mentioned. :)

For one we are a simple 5/5/3 server that has no 3rd Jobs and has a max level of 99/70 and have been running for 5+ years so far so the WoE is certainly not new. Our population fluctuates around 500 with 200-250 vendors and so you can generally find people online 24/7 from everywhere!

As for Custom gear, we have most of the official hats, some custom ones as well and a Quest made for gambling for the hats you want.

For Events we have the usual Poring Smash and others, a weekly PVM event called Muspel Monday that ends with a MVP fight, and our Light Versus Dark system that involves custom quests, events, and the monthly Trial of Heroes where the players of Light and Dark battle through various trials that test everything from strength to intelligence.

For side things to do, there is Mining, Fishing, the Mr Hatter Quest to gain more hats, a world wide search to find the Explorer, and even a quest that involves scaling Thanatos Tower.

Our Donation System is very fair and only involves items that give you a chance at better items along with some points for whatever allegiance you are on, and you never really get anything ridiculous unless your luck with an OCA is just that phenomenal.

So if heRO sounds like the place you wish to join, give us a visit at heRO

Fun video



Chemical Crush:
I tried heRO a long time ago, and ya know.  I might try you guys again cause this was like, years ago or something that I first tried heRO.  I think I did like it but my husband quit playing so I did too.  And you guys DO HAVE A LOT OF SUPER CUTE HATS :B  Which is a big +++++++ for me.  x3  I'll see you guys ingame most likely, imma go register and dl it now.  :D


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