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Title: Looking for super high rate server
Post by: Midoriya on Jun 28, 2015, 12:40 pm
Hi guys /no1!

It's been a while (say 8 years) since I last played RO,  I am once again interested to explore the world of Rune-Midgard(Literally)!

To cut to the chase, I only have one real goal at the moment which is:

1. To explore the whole world, and be able to solo any NON CUSTOM maps (PvM) without investing too much time levelling etc. Quite obviously I think super high rate with a high level cap is pretty much the most ideal.

Other desirable qualities:

- Server somewhat up to date
- Quests from the canon RO
- Porter/Healer/Card seller
- Global messages kept to a minimum / There is a way to turn it off (I really don't want to be spammed while I do my own thing)
- A server with GM commands accessible to players such as summoning or instantly teleporting somewhere or changing character sprites (wishful thinking I know, but then again, not a high priority)
- Homonculi, cooking, and other geneticist related stuff. (Wow I wonder what I'm going to roll /heh)

Don't care about the population as long as there's minimum/none global spam, I will decide further objectives depending on what I find out about the game where I left off ages ago.

Any suggestions? Thanks all!

Title: Re: Looking for super high rate server
Post by: tameytey on Jun 28, 2015, 01:34 pm
HI , Want to try Neonate Ro ? Super High Rate Base level 500 / 250

Drops rATe are High . Most of yours Suggest List are on the server as well ..

webs : http://neonate.ragnarok-server.net/ (http://neonate.ragnarok-server.net/) 

See u there..