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Author Topic: Looking for Low to Midrate Revo-Classic servers~  (Read 583 times)

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Offline catfood

Looking for Low to Midrate Revo-Classic servers~
« on: Feb 08, 2020, 01:59 pm »
Hi !

As said, I'm looking for a low to midrate revo-classic server....till a maximum rate of around 50/50/50 or anywhere around the range?

Hate 3rd jobs but I love the damage calculation ><....as compared to pre-renewal xD

Also good if the server has their own costume tokens ( cash tokens that give costumes of diff rarity) etc.

+ am a small whale...willing to give in some dough if I somehow like the server xD

Thanks all! /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok /ok


Offline Najara

Re: Looking for Low to Midrate Revo-Classic servers~
« Reply #1 on: Feb 08, 2020, 03:04 pm »
Hey there, catfood!

If you're okay with some modifications and don't mind playing a new server, perhaps you'd like to give ReverieRO a try? I believe it meets most of your criteria.

ReverieRO is a Pre-RE server with 30/30/30x rates. Third job sprites (including the alternate styles) are available through our lovely Dress Changer NPC- which means you can get the appearance but not the skills and status bonuses. There are lots of costumes in the server and multiple ways to acquire them. We've only launched last week but have been bordering between 25~28 players during peak hours. That said, we're steadily growing and would love for you to join us. ♥

Domain: https://reveriero.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/M5ZTJrX

Lastly, here's our Game Manual, which is definitely worth a read~