LF classic server with autoattack function like landverse server

Started by Pemburu, Feb 14, 2024, 07:27 PM

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hi i want to find server with auto function on it..any server that got it u can tell me..so i can try it..tq guys..right now im trying asura but the auto function is to limited only auto attack..mostly i like low rate so i can lvling up my char..but dont make it to hardcore..haha /heh


We have that feature on ragnaverse autoloot, autoattack etc, even the pet system. You can check https://ragnaverse.online for more info



You can also try

1) Ragnarok All Pro
- the link is not working. but review is saying server is alive. good luck finding them...
- using client built-in @boton.
2) Talonheim
- start since Dec 2023.
- using openkore 3rd party program for automation.

good luck.