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Started by SirRecct, Mar 07, 2023, 12:39 PM

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I'm looking for server 255 or 300 with NA proxy, Because I'm from South America.

PLS no 3rd/4th Classes
Decent Population: 40~70 its fine


What rates are you looking for?


any, what i need is just NA proxy or SA proxy


I'm currently playing on Ragnagoats, it's a 1x server that launched recently, and at the moment excluding auto-traders, it's daily population falls in the range that you're looking for.

It has a US-East Coast proxy, and I usually get around 125ms ping, playing from Southeastern Brazil.

Hope this helps!  /ho


PS: it's currently down for maintenance but will be back up shortly


Hi, you can try Astral MMORPG.

We just opened last April 9, and if you're from US West Coat, you will get around 90~200 ping in our server.

Here's our RMS server page for more deets: https://forum.ratemyserver.net/high-rate/astral-mmorpg-astral-hybrid-skills-255120-pre-renewal/