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Started by SkrelloR, Mar 27, 2024, 10:09 AM

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oooh boy let me tell you a story /heh

I'm a 2006 player from SA(South America) i used to play in LR/HR servers, but one caught my eye and my heart.
This server was a 300/120 with 250 max stats had over 500 custom item
E.G: one helm gave you vulcan arrow as you do phys hit
It was an amazing experience tons of builds to try on pvp even Super Novice you could explore a lot!
WOE had over 500 people online, also with 0 delay you could even do Soul Breaker SinX, Crazy right?.

I want this kind of experience again! I also have played a 99/70 server with custom item it was so funny but cool looking.

Please Let me know if theres any server like this much love to yall /lv


If you are into new experiences.. you should definitely try BraveRO.

It has been up and constantly updated since 2008, the installer alone is twice the size as most serves due to the sheer amount of custom monsters, maps, headgears, npcs and over all content..

Battleground is running every day, and original features such as our Hero quest, fishing, mining, cooking, forging and instance dungeons offer a completely different experience that you WILL NOT experience on ANY other server.

Most skills and formulas have been re-balanced for a level 500 server, which most other servers rarely are able to balance properly.

Our headgear collection is of about 2,500.. many of them completely original to our server..

The Hero Quest comes with cool challenges, unlockable equipment that you have to level up to maximize potential, and instance dungeons and events that you've only ever dreamed of..

The only problem with the server is that it is so custom that it is easy to feel lost.. Which you probably felt when you first started RO as well.. We have a big community on discord, forums and an incredible wiki to help.

Check it out and see what all the fuss is about!



If you are looking for a better not better than another but will give you a good economy even a non-bias community try NostalgiaRO