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Author Topic: Looking for PVE / RP Low rate server with EP. closest to 13.2 or before renewal  (Read 2574 times)

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Offline LRSeeker


So i'm looking for low rate PVE / RP server that is closest to EP. 13.2 or the patch before renewal (but actually even EP. 10+ is fine as well).

Server rate that i'm looking for is very low : maximum of 7x (though prefer 3x-5x)
99/70 (prefer) or even 99/50 will do too
Vanilla server with no warper (though between town i don't mind), job changer, buffer (i'll talk more about it in etc)
though resetter could be there, depends on the extra mods on the server

Buffer : if only 1 client allowed. this buffer should be available in some building, meaning it can only be used for craftsmith, potion maker, etc and after left the building the buff should disappear.
Hat Quest : closest to the official or have a list that show the extra added.
Donation shop : prefer a non p2w (though i don't care about pvp but well that's the first step to keep the server alive) so costume (could make it a lil special that they boost exp by 3-5% etc)
Multiclient : i don't mind 1, 2 or 3 (though if make multi client possible, should limit to 2 or 3 max)
Card : well some customization to actually make those cards somewhat useful (collect to the album like RO Mobile maybe?)
Weapon & Armor : Equipment mods seems like a trend lately so i'm in for it too (also maybe have an album to collect some specific gear too, example : angel wing, some craft but useless hats, etc)
Customization : well as long as it's not game breaking and have a proper wiki to explain those extra stuff
Boost : i'm not a big fan of bubble gum & field manual so make it rare  /kis
Monster : this is a lot of work, but what if all monster in the game could drop the costume hat that resemble them? that would be awesome!  /no1

Server Location : don't mind as long as content will keep me going  /pif

Edit : forgot about population, well i also don't mind this, even with just me and gm with those content will keep me playing


Offline Septentrio

Hey there buddy, you should seriously check out CustomRO. Even though it's name implies highly customizated content, the exact opposite is what it is right now. The server started 20th this month after a quite long and enjoyable beta. Most of the bugs have been fixed and all content is working properly. The staffteam is responsive and new stuff gets added fairly quick. There's quite some QoL changes that have no significant impact on the actual game. Also, pre-RE with Trans. Let me list some of the features the server has:

Warper: You can unlock towns for 100k Zeny each. Also, dungeon entrances can be unlocked via quest (kill ~10k of a specific mob in that dungeon; accountwide)

Healer / Buffer: This is something special here. In the novice training grounds, there's an NPC that heals and buffs (Agi+Bless 10) Novice only. The moment you change job, no more heals and buffs via NPC, which is good, considering...

Multiclient: Multiclient is completely disabled to prevent some classes from being pure slaves for your main chars and being actually playable as a main class

Donations / Vote System: The server has the motto "FREE and FAIR for all!" and seriously means what it suggests. You can donate, if you want to. Donation gives you costume headgears and infinite fly wing / butterfly wing. Those QoL items are however obtainable through vote points aswell.

Rates are 5x with the exception of MvPs. During Weekends, the EXP gets boosted to 7x. Also, you can obtain VIP through Vote Points (2 per hour) or donation points for an additional 25% EXP. This means the maximum rate you can possibly achieve is a little less than 9x, which isn't too bad actually. However, there are no ways to increase the drop rates! Those are fixed regardless of weekend or VIP bonus.

Regarding the customizations to cards and stuff, those might or might not come - that's a decision the admins will have to make. Most of the suggestions that are actually reasonable get run through a community poll on discord and then the admins simply listen to the majority, which is how it should be done in my opinion. A few examples regarding this:

We currently had a poll asking if Soul Linkers should be able to get Joblevel 70 to make them more viable in PvP / WoE without having to give up your Esma to actually be able to level. The majority said no, so it didn't get implemented.

Easy as that. We also have the new UI including roDEX and the account bank!

Also, we have quite some useful stuffs implemented into one main NPC that's in all major cities. Namely a tool dealer, the above mentioned warper, the donation/vote mall, card remover, storage, rentals, stylist, the stat/skill reset (only up to base level 49 including a huge reminder for you to reset your stats/skills if you are not happy with your build once you hit 49! 5k each or 8k skills and stats. The moment you hit 50, your build is set in stone 'till rebirth) and ofcourse a job master which gives you quite handy weapons upon jobchange (e.g. Survivors Rod [Dex] for Wizard and Soul Linker).

It should be noted that the server has no forum, but instead uses Discord as the form of communication! Currently, there's 19 players online, which is awesome considering the server is just above a week old! Finding parties isn't that hard either because people actually want to play together instead of on their own - mainly because dual clienting isn't possible.

TL:DR version: Play CustomRO, you will most likely love it and if you don't, you can still leave after trying it out. Nothing to lose~

Homepage: https://www.customro.xyz/

If you need anything, hit me up on discord (Suferion)

Offline heRO-GM

Hello! Have you checked out HeRO? It's a 5/5/3 rates pre-renewal server, with content after New World/Ash Vacuum customized to fit pre-renewal.

Main Page
More Info
Download Links
Register an Account

We have warpers that take players to towns and the first floor of dungeons, but you must visit the location beforehand to unlock the warp (and pay zeny in the case of dungeons). Resetter is free until Lv 50, after that the price increases per level. We have no buffer and only 1 client per player is allowed, but players sometimes use Buying Stores to autotrade their characters and buff/endow them.

As for headgear quests, we have many custom ones, and some official quests that originally had impossibly high item requirements are occasionally edited to be less "grindful". Donation items are not pay to win, with mostly chance items available such as rough enriched ores available.

Regarding old, crappy cards, many of these such as Poring Card are used in the "Mr Hatter" quest. You can obtain a random headgear from a list by handing in some of these cards and playing a small game with him. Bubble Gum are so far only obtainable by completing the endless tower, while Field Manuals are somewhat common by doing well in a particular Automated Event.

We have large custom regions such as Lutia, a custom expansion to Lutie containing over 15 maps, and a plethora of custom mobs and gears. The Faeheim Region, tied to the server's RP storyline, contains over 10 custom maps, several custom mobs, and many gears. These and in general, all of hero's customs feel as if they were official releases.

Anyway, if you're interested in becoming a HeRO, stop by and give us a try!
heRO is a friendly, sociable, unique and fun server of 5/5/3 rates with a great community, give it a try!

Click here to find out more about heRO!

Offline LRSeeker

sure i'll check it out, thanks for posting it.

Offline Kreustoo


Maybe we're out of your league but Fragments of Yggdrasil (15/15/5 https://f-o-y.eu/)  is one month old with a solid community based in europe. Our main goal is to had a new sensation of exploring the good old area with a lot of little secret. Nothing broken, but it's about playing the game and having fun with it than actually just go for the optimisation.

No warper (though between town i don't mind): We have a warper, it costs zeny and more zeny if you didn't do the quest to unlock the "locked" dungeon (town + first floor)
job changer: There is one, but it costs zeny and is really not affordable when you make you first character.
buffer: no buffer
Resetter: there's one

Hat Quest : there's a lot of quest added, a lot of them are much more for fun than for the stats
Donation shop : donation shop without refined ore
Multiclient : allowed
Card : not what you'res searching
Weapon & Armor : no mod, but about the collection part, with a a custom achievements system that make you track quests done etc.
Customization : it's much more about adding new content to old area with quests than adding anything extra (even if we added a new area with 5 little dungeon with bosses)
Boost : rare item
Monster : a lot of boss and mini boss drops there hats

Good luck in your research!

Offline LRSeeker

seems interesting too, i'll be sure to check out later, thank for posting.  /no1