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Author Topic: Looking for server with custom features  (Read 2343 times)

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Offline Drektar

Looking for server with custom features
« on: May 10, 2019, 06:49 pm »
I played a lot of Pre-Re and renewal and i got tired of it. Im looking for a mid-rates server with custom classes/skills/gameplay it could be PvP or PvE, im interested in both.


Offline arsro

Re: Looking for server with custom features
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2019, 06:28 am »
Hi, Lucky from ArsRO here. /heh
I suggest you to try our server (ArsRO), because the server with custom and innovative features inside classic pre-re mechanic with many wells thought and regulated by the community features in the game which bring new fun experience (many people really enjoying our server for PVE, MVP, and many other parts). You can ask them by yourself in the game.

What are our key features, about what “custom” features do I talk?

First - we fully packed server, we have all modern features what you can find almost in any popular server. Fully packed server means: we have protection, client-side plugins, custom src commands, restock, different modifications, eAmod features, bg, our own made events, systems, missions, quests, instances, and many, many, many other things". But around 50% of our content has many other servers too.

So, we going even forward and do not afraid to do experiments, and we brought into the game Doram Class with a complete story line (quests) and mechanic, skills, and well balanced it in the game. It’s open new fun abilities for players to have a lot of fun in the game.

Also, as far as I know, we’re only one in the whole RO scene who did storyline events (yes, real events, with a story-line, rewards, etc stuff) just to make everyone enjoy in the game.

Some people did not like for example our Doram stuff (while the class itself well balanced, and deep tested with the community), and they expect some another experience with classic game play (personally for me I think this game-play pretty boring and nothing new in the game since maybe 2014 or like that, everyone copy-paste features from each other's and really nothing new, while we did experiments and tried to stick to original pre-re mechanic (balanced one) and bring new abilities to the game just for fun).

So, it is up to you join our server or not now.
But for sure after some not a long time, you will hear about ArsRO on RMS again.
Why do I think so? Because for some time due many personal reasons I was inactive, but now I’m back with a new power and ideas in mind what will soon apply to the server and a lot of players will find them cool (I hope so) and will join our server and might you or your friends today.

Try it before the big update! Hope you will enjoy!
Because trying it after the big update - for sure will affect you in a positive way. 


Offline Katakato

Re: Looking for server with custom features
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2019, 10:40 am »
Hi! I'm not a server owner or anything, so if this goes against any kind of rules mods can feel free to delete this post if it does happen to break any (It doesn't from what I saw but I digress). /hmm

I haven't played RO in quite a while either, and I was looking for "fresh" content in the form of either new classes or otherwise custom content. This might not exactly fit your "mid-rates" requirement, but the server I'm playing at the moment does have those custom classes you're interested in. About 5 different classes with their own class trees, and a custom extended class with more custom classes to come. This is a low rate server (technically advertised as 3x/3x/3x but there's floating rates that change every hour between 3x-6x on weekdays and 3x-8x on weekends), but normal card drops are 10x. The classes are pretty well balanced and have well defined roles both in parties and out, but the admin always tries to make sure that no class feels "bad to play". The server itself is very stable and I haven't really had connection issues ever.

The only real downside to the server is that there aren't that many players at the moment, on average 5-8 on throughout most of the day. Means that there isn't much of an economy to speak of for now, nor is there really guild competition. However, the playerbase is very friendly and when I joined they always answered my questions, helped me out with leveling and the admin himself is fairly active (if not on server, then on discord).  /pif

If you want to give the server a try, it's called Project Einherjar: http://home.projecteinherjar.com/

The wiki and stuff is still in the works but it at least has basic skill info for each of the custom classes, and some classes that are played a bit more have more in depth write-ups.

Hope to see you soon!  /ok
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