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Author Topic: Looking for Pre-renewal Stats server. With RO:Zero Content (Equips & cards only)  (Read 1410 times)

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Offline huwaat

Looking for a Pre renewal server with many features of the new Zero content.

Skills changes not included too. Only items.

Except from this:
GTB card: Mdef + 250, reduces physical defense by 90%. [Make it mdef+50.. or..make one immune to dispell (like when the stalker is linked) and retain reduce physical defense by 90%]

Doppel and Moonlight: just to retain the pre-re feel

Retain "zero" description of this.

Osiris card: To make it become new card and useful than the pre-re description
Stormy knight card and bloody knight card: To add new challenge for the players.

With the other cards. its up to you :).... No hate pls hehe

PS: well maybe you can add new dungeons and monsters... (EDIT:NO 3rd Jobs pls).... any opinions are welcome just no hate :)

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