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Looking for pay to win server that has solo grind end game content.

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Hello! I am mainly looking for a pay to win server that doesnt emphasize on group play when it comes to its custom end game dungeon content ( preferably, every content can be soloed by either any class, or specific classes like assassin  or rune knight or wizard etc)

When I say pay to win, I dont mean to spend literal thousands of dollars, but somehow still budget friendly. My budget has limit and i am not a rich person. My budget of spending is maybe around 200-300$ a month.

I just want a server where I can jump start a character and gear it up relatively easily and start the grind on end game contents like whatever custom dungeon it has.

I am socially awkward and a high functioning autistic so i prefer to grind solo since i dont have very good social skills.

having a corrupt owner or GM is also a plus ( like if i can pay $$ for an item that no other player has or edited character etc )

of course, i know this is a very gray area topic, so if youre a GM  / owner of a server you can send me a private msg here or on my discord  Kirusaki#5366 and we can discuss about the perks or some under the table deals.

I used to play on a private server wherein i pay 150$ a month and they gave me a special character that can generate items / add stat points and skill points but kept it on the downlow that nobody in the 500 population daily server knows about it. sadly, the server is shutting down because owner moved on and cant keep up the responsibilities of maintaining a server anymore. so if a similar deal is out there on a fairly populated server then that would even be better!

If youre an owner of a server, pls just send me a pm instead since i dont want any dramas and such

(PVE Oriented server is a plus since i dont do PVP. NO ladders or rankings as well if possible since i just want to keep it down low. )

I just want to do something without being subjected to insane RNG grindfest and ragnarok online has always been special in my life.

I would suggest LimitRO or anything ran by Lai.

Hello! Though they are not a corrupt gm or anything but I think you may try on the servers that I play. Well I also saw you drop by on the EpicRO but if you don't find it good then maybe try their high rate one which is already 1 year and 2 months, focused on PVE content and role playing. They have donation packages that donator can get if they don't want to grind. But well I don't find their servers as a pay to win because everything is achievable, the only difference is the time on a donator and grinder.

Maybe give it a try here on NostalgiaRO

Official Website:

Official Discord:

thank you! i will go check nostalgia out! yea i dropped by epicRO but frankly, i cant understand anything since its super customized with all the red mvp cards gold mvp cards etc etc so im not sure if i will be getting my money's worth if i donate.

Also, I saw one of Lai's post saying his server is no longer pay to win and actually needed effort to get results now.  Which is not my thing since i work 10hours a day and play different games like FF14 which is already time consuming.

Im just feeling nostalgic atm and wanna go back to playing RO but without being subjected to its insane RNG drop rates and grinding but at the same time experience end game.

I know pay to win servers are unpopular but not all of us are leechers who just want to play free game without giving profits to the server owners. Server needs money to run :)

You can always message the Admins or GMs of NostalgiaRO and EpicRO because they just have the same team. And I know they can entertain you and tour you around on their servers.


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