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Author Topic: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR  (Read 2526 times)

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Offline Fr0stbyte

Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« on: Apr 05, 2019, 04:27 pm »
Hi everyone.  I haven't played RO in about 5 years or so.  I'm a little out of the loop on what's happening in the world of Ragnarok.  3rd class jobs are ok, I can take it or leave it as long as the server is balanced. Rates.. Let's see, I enjoy anything as long as there are @warp commands and job changers.. skill re-setters; etc.  I enjoy headgear quests, so quests are important.  Of course I like a good community with good admin/staff (Who doesn't??)  I'm not much into PK servers.. PK in designated areas is fine but not across the entire map. 

I haven't played since I had a computer that had Windows 7.  I currently am running Windows 10 and not sure how that affects anything or if it does.  I feel like such a newb.  Do people still say that?!  /wah

Anyway!! Looking forward to meeting some new RO friends and playing an awesome server.  Thanks for your time and suggestions!  /lv


Offline Kreustoo

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #1 on: Apr 06, 2019, 07:19 am »
To be 100% honnest here, I'm the main admin of the server, but I'll try to be as factual as possible about what it seems matter to you:
-No @warp, but a warper to level 1 dungeon, you don't need to do the quest, but the price will be lowered if you do
-Job changer but it costs zeny, you get some little bonus if you do the officials quests
-But reseter/healer/identifier/repair guy

So, maybe not what you really want but we added a lot of custom RP quest (with a main quests about finding the 9 fragments of yggdrasil) that you may appreciate. Some are about finding npcs, some are about clues, some are about just gathering items and some are a mix of everything and/or mini games. It is not just one npc just giving you a list of items.

If you want more information: https://f-o-y.eu/Informations.php

Offline Fr0stbyte

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #2 on: Apr 07, 2019, 12:37 pm »
Thank you very much for your suggestion!  I checked out the link and your server looks very interesting!  I will check it out very soon.  I look forward to meeting your community.

Offline candalas

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #3 on: Apr 08, 2019, 07:06 am »
You should try this one:


Einherjar is a pre-renewal 99/70 server with low rates that offers extensive well made custom content.

Currently the server has new, fully integrated, classes and items that blend in very well into the original RO.

some of the new classes are pirate, spearman, adept and spiriter, along with their 2-1 and 2-2 classes and re-birthed versions. There's also necromancer, which is a new expanded class (similar to gunslinger and ninja).

A few things have been changed and rebalanced on old classes, such as blacksmith's now being able to forge all kinds of gear, giving different bonuses depending on the element and number of crumbs you used.

Its a low rate server with floating rates (from 3x up to 7x exp) drop rates are also considered low, but with a minimum chance of 0,1% for normal monster cards. There are in game quests and other manners to level up, rather than the mindless grinding most people are already tired of.

there are plenty of other systems and a very well community.

Im not a GM or any part of the staff, and, if it says something, i was just about to quit RO when i found out about this server, and now i've been playing for almost a year.

you should check out the site and/or the wiki, its not absolutely complete, but that also means you can help build up the server with your ideas and feedback. Plus theres always people on discord if you like using that.

See you there  /ok

Offline Zonra

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #4 on: Apr 08, 2019, 11:43 pm »
Hi! Are you still looking for suggestions/recommendations? :D

If so, I'd love to invite you to join us at AnomalyRO!!

We are a SHR server with lots of custom features, including but not limited to:
- Custom achievements system
- Hundreds of headgear quests
- Daily Quests
- Headgear Enchantment
- Hourly Events such as Disguise, Word Scramble, Dice, and my personal favorite, Invasion!
- Lots of commands, such as your requested @warp command
- Autocommands - this is nifty feature you can use to set up to make your account or character autoloot items to your specifications!
- Gold Room (and other custom currency)
And so much more!! (We are not a PK server, but there is a PvP Arena for those interested.)

Plus, we have a super friendly community with people who are always happy to help each other out! There's even a nifty Tour option upon log in that shows you around to all of the important NPCs, and this tour can be repeated as many times as you'd like. We've also got this totally unique feature at the Stylist to change the color of your hairstyles accessory, if there is one, so our customization options are maxed out!! (there are over 4,000 hairstyle/accessory color combinations!)
We've also got a pretty active forum and Discord server for optimal communication channels. :)

I'm GM Kirari, and I really hope you'll come give us a try! I hope to see you there!  /no1
I am GM Kirari @ Come and see us!

Offline Heydar

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #5 on: Apr 16, 2019, 01:31 pm »
Hello Fr0stbyte, players who have returned to Ragnarok's world after a while or who are not familiar with Renewal content have considered RagniteRo updates as user-friendly content.

      Max Level: 255/120 - Pre-Renewal (2nd Job + Expanded Super Novice)
      Doram Race is available for PvE content but it cannot participate during WoE
      No @warp, but a Warper NPC to every Floor/Level Dungeon, Reset Stats/Skills, Build Manager, Reset Hatred & Feeling, Healer/Repair, Job Changer.
      Costume 3rd Job Suits (visual only)
      Headgear Quests
      Not a PK server, but there is PvP content available: PvP Arena / Battleground (@joinbg) / GvG Arena
      Monthly updates integrating renewal content to Pre-Renewal enviroment

Offline Fr0stbyte

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #6 on: Apr 16, 2019, 03:57 pm »
Hi Guys! And girls! I am am grateful for the suggestions!

@Kreustoo - I did try Fragments of Yggdrasil.  I like the server for the most part.  I probably should have mentioned that I am in the USA and speak English.  The server is based in France and when I am able to be on, most of the community is dormant.  I met a couple of nice and helpful players.. the community was welcoming.    Over all.. I like the server.  Thank you for the invite!

@ candalas - I have downloaded the files and intend to play soon.  I am very intrigued by the server's new classes.  I look forward to exploring and meeting new people.

@ Zonra - I downloaded Anomaly and I have made a couple of characters.  Everything is SO CUTE!.. even the main town.  I love the headgear variety.  There was a GM in town helping people, so that was nice also. 

@ Heydar - I will check out RagniteRO soon.  Based on the server time on the website, it would work well with me.  Everything looks so interesting!

Thanks again for the very warm welcomes to try your servers!  I hope I find a RO home soon.  Any friends I used to play with are no longer online for varying reasons.   Can't wait to try these out!

Btw, most of my character names have to do with sweets.. Cupcake, Cheesecake, Tiramisu.. Etc. If you see me, say hi! :)

Offline DepTrai

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #7 on: Apr 24, 2019, 08:32 am »
Hi,we are grand opening at 22 April,2 days old game.
you can join us have a try,our server have latest features and some fun instance.
i belive that you never see Jurassic Park instance in others server,we make it.
and some balance quest.


GM DepTrai

Offline ferdi999

Re: Looking for new server.. LR/MR/HR/SHR
« Reply #8 on: Apr 25, 2019, 03:02 pm »
Dunno if you will like 2nd job. try ocr-classic.com I think they have huge population around 600+ peak? dunno if its good just suggesting.