Looking for semi low-mid rate

Started by huwaat, Mar 29, 2024, 12:12 PM

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30x to 200x
no nerf s*** (when you say x5 of drop on normal no adjustment of any sort to other normal drops, mvps should be x1 = .01 to cards or best disable or limited use)
plain original of almost everything (when there is Qol, do not add if you are just gonna nerf an item or skill)
no costumes (which is the reason i believe nerf happens - create costume out of original gear is fine)
hopefully have many people
no single client (minimum 2 client) - hoping to have restriction on multi clienting on high end mvp maps [Rise of Valhalla have successful done this]
2nd job if progressing to transcend (no 3rd or 4th job) - preferably trans server stuck on any episode with trans is ok
no custom items to very minimal custom item
with @autoloot and other usual commands from the old mid rates before the genZ era
active bg - I missed the old LuminaRO/NeuRO/WoonRO - though not mandatory, since i do not expect this anymore i cannot find any that isn't lagging on my side of the fence
i do not care if have or none (repeatable quests, mercenary)

Asia location player here. Thank you!


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