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Author Topic: Looking for Mid/High Rates Pre Renewal Server  (Read 1894 times)

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Offline Delthot

Looking for Mid/High Rates Pre Renewal Server
« on: Jan 03, 2015, 03:50 pm »
Hello, me and my guild are looking for a "home" server to stay like forever


Rates x50-1000x
Normal Card Drop 1%-5%
People Online: 100+ no WoE/Merchants
No Overpowered Donations
Quests with same EXP Rate (50x-1000x)
No Cash merchant vendor


Offline Reality

Re: Looking for Mid/High Rates Pre Renewal Server
« Reply #1 on: Jan 03, 2015, 04:57 pm »
We're probably too low on rates for you but Aeon-RO may be a good option. It's a 30/30/20 midrate with a planned opening date on the 16th. I do anticipate including Field Manuals as a battleground reward, which will help with the pain of leveling once you have a character adequate to play Battlegrounds. All functional donations will be accessible in-game. There will also be a guild package, if your guild is large enough to apply. It will include a few cards which may also make it a little more of a home for you.

It's kind of hard to find a home server with rates that high. Most of the time, the features aren't implemented regarding longevity and health of a server. So finding something with those specific rates may prove a bit challenging.

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Offline Sicko

Re: Looking for Mid/High Rates Pre Renewal Server
« Reply #2 on: Jan 04, 2015, 07:03 pm »

While we do not meet all of your requirements, we do hope you'll check us out. We have recently launched (The beginning of December) and do have some guilds already active on our server, of which do currently already participate in WoE.

Rates x50-1000x
----> B: 1000x / J: 1000x

Normal Card Drop 1%-5%
----> Normal Card drop: 5% / MvP: 0.05%

People Online: 100+ no WoE/Merchants
----> We fall short on this one specifically, our peak for our high rate is around 25 players currently

----> Max Level: 99/70 / Instant Cast: 150 DEX / Max ASPD: 190

No Overpowered Donations
----> We have reasonable donations on our high rate, and no donations on our low-rate (but it's 10x/10x/5x)

Quests with same EXP Rate (50x-1000x)
----> Quest EXP: 1000x

Website: http://www.simple-ro.com
Forums: http://www.simple-ro.com/community
Wiki: http://simple-ro.com/wiki

I understand that our existing player count may be less than you prefer, however we are fast growing and we have very active development. We hope you'll consider us on your search for a new server home!


Offline Zeal

Re: Looking for Mid/High Rates Pre Renewal Server
« Reply #3 on: Jan 05, 2015, 12:00 pm »
Why not give ZealRO a try and benefit from our January Promo?

Rates x50-1000x - 50x/50x/30x floating to 80x/80x/50x
Normal Card Drop 1%-5% - 10x Normal Cards, 1x MvP Cards
People Online: 100+ no WoE/Merchants - Yes, 300+
99/70 - Yes
No Overpowered Donations - Yes, no overpowered donations.
Quests with same EXP Rate (50x-1000x) - Yes
No Cash merchant vendor - Yes


Zeal Ragnarok Online | Coming Soon | Join Our Community

Offline Zhin

Re: Looking for Mid/High Rates Pre Renewal Server
« Reply #4 on: Jan 06, 2015, 02:53 am »
Heya, I think we have preeeetty much everything you're looking for. :>

I'd suggest WoonRO if you haven't tried it yet. I'm on the Council there, so of course I'm a bit biased, but it has lots of new things going on ingame and a GM team that struck me with a reaaally good first impression when I joined. It's 150/150/50. The community is pretty active, BG is going quite often and so are all the other little events that come up. WoE is active and the population hovers between 3-400!

Anyway, you can find the listing here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=13456&itv=6&url_sname=Woon%20Reloaded

And the website is: http://pre.woon-ro.com

 You can apply for a newbie package, too, which comes with some nice little starting items which will help you get ahead. Hope you'll at least give it a look around, and if you need any help at all just shoot a message to the staff ingame or on the forums. We're really happy to be able to point people in the right direction. If you come on, come say hi to me, I'm [WRO] NiHZ :D