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Author Topic: Looking for mid/high rate  (Read 4628 times)

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Offline Strudel

Re: Looking for mid/high rate
« Reply #15 on: Dec 07, 2011, 10:15 am »
I'll try to adress you're need, I can't promise to adress everything but I still hope you'll consider us.

LimitRO Metro has the following:
  • Rates - 75x/75x/25x | Cards 0.5%, MVP Cards 0.05%, Quest 10x
  • Population - 85~100 (depends on the time of the day, weekends +90, WoE +110)
  • Donations - Not attainable via anything but donating or purchasing it from players who donated. 1 time via GM tradable only.
    • 2 types of headgears:
    • #1 +1 Stats to all & 1 Slot
    • #2 +2% Atk & +2% Def against Demi-human
    • Tiny cute wings, +1 Stat to all, +1% Atk & +1% Def against Demi-Human.
    • All donations are in the "costume" section
  • WoE - All times in GMT +1 DLS exists, Tuesday 3-4pm FE | Saturday 1-2pm FE Non-Trans, 3-4pm FE | Sunday 3-4pm SE
  • Classes - Trans & Extended.
  • ASPD - 190 Max
  • BG - Active with BG supplier & customized battleground conquest (I say customized because I was the one who scripted it)
  • Location - Hosted in Germany

I surely hope I've awakened your interest.
I'd be happy to see you amongst our ranks and rushing amongst or against other guilds during woe.
I'll be waiting :)

LimitRO Metro
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Offline Poki

Re: Looking for mid/high rate
« Reply #16 on: Dec 07, 2011, 01:45 pm »
Hey Plut0nium,

Website: AvrisRO Website
Forums: AvrisRO Forums
Server ad: RMS
Grand Opening: December 10

I'd love if you and your friends could try AvrisRO out. Because we intend to keep this server running for a long time, we intend to keep the economy balanced and under control. Of course, that means low MVP drop rates! Chances are, our server will fit your needs just perfectly. In fact, all of our donation items can be obtained without donations simply by voting, winning events, doing quests, and even battling against monsters within our Party dungeon NPC!

Server rates: 10/10/5/1
No 3rd classes!
No over-powered donations!
Donation items can be obtained without donating!
Battlegrounds will be implemented for sure!
No custom wings!
Custom headgears will not be gigantic or repulsive!
WoE times are still open for discussion, why don't you hurry over to our forums and suggest the perfect time for you and your guild? :)
Server is mainly English, as you can see on our forums
We're expecting a 150+ grand opening
We'll be having fun and interactive GM hosted events along with automatic ones!

We have many custom npcs that you might like such as:

- Reset NPC
- Platinum skill NPC
- Healer NPC
- Party Dungeon NPC

We hope you give our server a try.  We're new and we need players like you.

Please give our RMS ad a read for more details!  Hope you join our server.

Offline Sour

Re: Looking for mid/high rate
« Reply #17 on: Dec 07, 2011, 06:22 pm »
10-15 of us need a new server but no luck so far :<

we're pretty flexible with rates, can be anything between 50 and 5000, might even consider a low rate if everything else fits - DivinityRO Rates: 100/100/75 and floating rates.
bosses must have low drop rate for cards! - Mvp/boss monster cards drop at 0.10.
max level 99/70, aspd 190 - Yes
no 3rd classes - No 3rd classes
must have battlegrounds - It is being implemented with custom rewards as we speak.
no donation items that give advantage over non-donators
custom hats and small wings are ok as long as they don't look like a blind 7 year old made them and don't have ridiculous stats - No OP donations. Most donations are attainable ingame via quests
decent woe time for europeans - 6 WoE Castles for ALL time zones.
no servers run by pinoys (bad experiences with those), overrun by pinoys (...) or hosted in pinoyland (awful ping) - American server. 95% English speaking.
100+ population, venders not included - 50 people. Still growing. Still new, recently opened.
doesn't matter if it's old or new, servers that aren't open yet are ok too as long as they have decent amount of people waiting for opening - DivinityRO opened at around november 8th. Its still growing.

DivinityRO had an awesome 10+ guild package. Check it out below!


For more info: http://forums.divinityro.com/index.php?/topic/10-server-features/page__pid__10#entry10
Forums: http://forums.divinityro.com
Website: http://divinityro.com

If you'd like i can give you and you friends a tour of our server. There are many fun features that you'll enjoy :D