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Author Topic: Looking for Mid-Rate servers  (Read 945 times)

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Offline porkchop56

Looking for Mid-Rate servers
« on: Mar 10, 2013, 10:43 am »
Hello I'm looking for a fresh mid-rate server running on renewal mechanics. Wish for it to have a fair GM team.
Here are a few requirements I'm looking for:

kRO version 14.1
150/50 or 160/50 blvl/jlvl
Base Level: 75x-150x
Job Level: 75x-150x
Card Drop rates: 5-10%
MVP card rates: 0.1%-1% (specific MVP's like GTB's and TGK's should be lower though)
Since it's new population range about 20-30 people without vendors
Language should be in English
No Gold Room
No Dead Branch Room
No MvP Room
Freebies are not too much. A couple of field manuals is enough.
No Wings!
No God Equips
For donations. There should be no cards or refine deeds whatsoever

Thank You


Offline Axiom

Re: Looking for Mid-Rate servers
« Reply #1 on: Mar 13, 2013, 04:02 am »
Hi. I think Chu! Ragnarok Online has most of your list covered:

  • Base caps at 150/50 with an upcoming custom quest that jumps you to 160
  • Rates are at x150, a Floating Rate NPC is also available and fairly priced
  • Common drop rates are set at x25, boss and card drops are at x10 (.1%)
  • The server was opened February 20 this year with an average of 20 people online at peak hours (US hours at the moment)
  • We have an odd variety of players ranging from Americans, Malaysians, and Filipinos, and every one of them appear to be fluent in English
  • No gold rooms
  • Dead Branch rooms are coming, but it's more a private enclosure for people to use their hunted branches in than anything else
  • No MVP rooms. We're a little shy with spawning more MVPs than what's already out there.
  • We have a few freebies available, but are mostly only enough to help people get through their first character
  • One or two wings, at best. I don't like a majority of those available either, but if I find one that isn't too obtrusive/butt ugly I may just put them on
  • Everything but Meginjard is slated for release. They will all be questable, of course.
  • Our donation policy is most of it is still questable. Donation items are mostly just for people who want the fast track.

Those aside, depending on what you fancy we also provide a little over 40 custom quests in about a hundred custom maps, regular team/individual PvM events and cookies. Everyone loves cookies. Unless you don't, in which case I am very very sorry.

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