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Looking for high rate server


Hello, I'm trying to fin a new server to play on!

What I'd like:
3rd jobs, particularly Doram.
rates around 800, not much interested in x1000.
Story quests.
WoE with multiple castles per map.
English is the main language(it's all I know).

What I don't want AT ALL:
Non-farmable donation items.
rates above x1000, or below x700.
outrageous damage numbers(I'm sick of seeing players that do millions of damage in a single hit).
Marketplaces filled with tons of 1 merchant(eg. TonysStore1 - 35 taking up all the space there is).

Maybe Edda Ragbarok online? Nr. 3 on the list for high rates. Bot everything fits, but maybe its close enough.

Maybe eir ragnarok is your choice? but we've instant level :).
Got cash point everyday by only share your activity in game everyday too.

i love give reward to player join..

If you interest you can join our server from this portals : https://linktr.ee/eirragnarok

Thank you verymuch :)


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