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Looking for high rate server


High population and growing server will be nice
No P2W will be good.
no 3rd nor 4th job.

Is this kind of server still exist??
please let know.

Unfortunate not exist. There is a big renewal server but it has P2W

What max level are you looking for?

Did you already try https://PlayDreamerRO.com ?

The rates are 8k/8k/3k, average population is 650 and up to 900 during WoE.

It has been up for 12 years and they have a lot of plenty of PvM and PvP features and systems other servers can only dream of.. especially the Hero Quest storylist behind the server.

There is a good donation system because non-donators can purchase everything a donator can purchase, through the use of Zeny, Battle Badges and other server currencies awarded by different features.. So when you fight a donator is really like you are fighting a veteran that has played for a few months/years.

It usually takes 2-3 months of grinding to compete with veterans in PvP.. which may seem high, but comparing it to official servers (which took years) then its not a long time..

Its fast paced enough not to appear impossible, but hard enough to remain rewarding.. which is what a lot of high rates fail to accomplish.

There is a reason it is ranked #2 All Time server listing with over 2,250 reviews.


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