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Author Topic: looking for good server. hopefully not gonna be attack by gravity  (Read 2977 times)

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Offline rockersole123

ive been server hunting since talonro closed
so far:
  • novaro
  • transendancero
  • forsakenro
  • eldritchro
  • ceresro
  • Divine Ascension Ragnarok Online
  • old school ro
  • Yanis RO
  • jellyRO. fine but my progress there is slow

  • cant dual client
  • tp pricing
  • cant have multiple game account in one email
  • totally diff RO
optional issue - cant change resolution


Offline Kaulitzer

maybe you want to try my server

Empire Classic RO
good GM
helpful players
good for newbies
farmable quest items

server just opened 14 days ago

Offline munkrej

If you're interested in a frequently updated renewal experience with lower rates and you're not afraid of the server itself being small you should try out MuhRO.

Your issues won't be issues there  /ok

We're a small but nice community that wants to grow  /no1

Offline Khinaya

All private servers are targeted by Gravity. It's not just the most popular ones.

You can read GNJOY's statement here(Korean ver.)https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?seq=7582&curpage=1&bbsmode=10001

And Warpportal's statement here: http://renewal.playragnarok.com/news/updatedetail.aspx?id=339&p=1

Offline Inochi

that list u just made is just another sniper target for cash grab interactive to find kekw

Offline Shuchou

Fanbase milkers already did their snooping around, as you can tell by their posts. Already have those they are filing cases against, which to means they have every server that up and running before that news post is already scooped out and listed/archived based on what they need/want to know.

Offline Rayeth

I was playing on TalonRO and moved to oathro - the mob system were rebalanced exp wise and the job system cater to more builds and I'm loving it! zero donation.