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looking for fully customize server

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I want something new if you guys knew some fully customize server please let me know.

thanks in advance.

Enigmatic Lake:
I'll just post what I wrote in the past and update it:

After nearly 2 decades of playing RO, I was also looking for some server that broke boundaries. I've tried my fair share of servers. From some long forgotten RO with custom takes on 3rd jobs to RebirthRO during an era of surprisingly great balance despite heavy customisation and "P2W" gear (At some point, farmers > donators in terms of wealth.) I tried Renewal to just get a feel for new systems, because Pre-Renewal RO was mechanically almost entirely known to me. Renewal ... it's a pale comparison to what a slightly customised pre-renewal brings in terms of options.

But then, browsing through reddit, some server caught my eye. EinherjarRO/Project Einherjar. Trudging through the irksome website and going through the partially up to date wiki, I noticed the most varied array of customisations. A mastery system to make high weapon levels worthwhile, a full set of custom classes, an enchantment system that was/is an insane zeny sink for great power while still opening up options and playstyles, a less punishing refinement system (except for Lvl 4 +10 weapons), even extended classes being made into full classes, ...

Since then the lone developer and admin, with helpful discussions with and between the players, has changed some deeper mechanics as well. The abstract ASPD was changed into APM while also making ASPD% and Agi/Dex more balanced. Defense has been fairly revamped (and most existing issues have been ironed out). Forging has become an important part of leveling and the end game. Status Effects were made to apply to bosses without being overpowered (but some, like Poison from Venom Dust or Stun from Cart Termination, are still strong!) Monster element now also dictates part of their damage element, which is a massive buff to them! The elemental tree was also largely reworked (it still makes sense, but no longer grants 2x damage in any situation). Hit and Flee are a tougher nut to crack, and hasn't been changed much.

If you want to know more about EinherjarRO, here's the link to some of the resources
Wiki: http://home.projecteinherjar.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Control Panel (to make an account & download): http://home.projecteinherjar.com/fluxcp/
Discord (most up to date info): https://discord.gg/VcKQZdQ

We recently started advertising and the population has grown a bit in the last month, so it's definitely a good time to try. Keep in mind that it is still being actively developed and you will see nerfs and buffs frequently.

TL;DR: It's EinherjarRO, links are up there╦ć

Check out Divine Ascension RO.

There's also an upcoming project called "Project Return Of Morroc".

check Mystic Project. aka DaRO

Einherjar Online seems cool they have custom jobs and a Story line?


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