Looking for an actual active PVP/BG server.

Started by Soner, Oct 16, 2023, 06:40 AM

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Hello people.

I been a long time looking for an active PVP/BG server. Tbh, I don't think they even exists this days, but I wanted to make sure. So, if anyones knows any server (I really rather pre-re, but as long as pvp and bg are for real active, I don't care that much) please let me know.

Thank you all in advance.

Have a good day.


Hi Soner,

Try MindRO. It's made with PVP in mind.


Yeah, MindRO would be the server for you I think.

It has insane high rates, so you can near instantly get 99/70.
Everything except MVP/Mini Boss Cards has a 100% drop rate, so you can also very quickly and easily get your gear together.


Just as I type this, there are 40+ players actively playing Battlegrounds on BraveRO. Sometimes during peak hours and events you can easily see 35vs35 (max).
It has 560 players online including merchants. WoE is solid and competitive.