Looking for any progression servers

Started by Orange, Oct 13, 2023, 07:19 AM

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I assume there's not many so wont be picky otherwise, will check out any progression server. Heavy preference for it to be pre-3rd jobs, if they're going to add them in thats fine.


You can try Havoc SAGA @ https://havocsaga.com the server is new, I'm the servers owner and the server offers 25x/25x/15x rate currently the server population is not that great we have 10-20 active players playing on different timezone but the overall online players are 40-50 with Autotrade.

I plan on having the server progress till the 4th job update but first I want to see players progress in the game so equipments won't be a problem when new update release.

The server also has some custom modification like Crimson Weapons are already available in the current Episode: Hugel, and cash points can be earned by joining automated events also hunt them inside the designated dungeon of the day.