Looking for @autoattack server and another server (Pre-Renewal Only)

Started by huwaat, Aug 07, 2023, 02:47 AM

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Looking for server with @autoattack / @autopilot or whatever it is called.

Preferably nerf implemented not too many (like everything is overpowered like nerfing the usual farm areas reducing zeny cost, the usual nerf to RJs, Pantie, Undie and others is Ok) If you got nerf, I hope it is fixed based on the server description. Some server out there nerf the item that is farmed because alot of people go there, naturally, everyone wants to earn zeny and they know the usual place and use their brains to farm so dont deprive them just because some people who are jealous who do not know how to farm and do not use their brains rant. Some just accepts any suggestions even though some are for self-centered reasons (benefiting only donators or other dark intentions)
Up to 8 hours of this command preferably but ok to be lesser, say 6 hours

No overpowered donations. Hopefully No MVP/Mini Boss cards too
No class customizations but some I guess wont hurt (like Double Attack can critical)
Gacha is ok but hopefully not too many OP gears to include as reward.
Max Clients hopefully 3 or 4 minimum.
Of course, to have WoE also
PRE RENEWAL ONLY (Very Important)

Also looking for another server - Low (minimum x10) to Mid Rates (any the usual mid rate do) but afternoon WoE schedules here in the Philippines (GMT+8).
No need to have features same as above just the WoE times is important and the population is alive (with active BG is very good but it is ok if no active BG).


Quote from: huwaat on Aug 07, 2023, 02:47 AMLooking for a server with @autoattack / @autopilot or whatever it is called.

are you referring to a server that has legalized bot? if yes I can vouch for one, you can try and check https://talonheim.com/ you don't need a VPN to use it unlike other servers that offer the same platform


Thank you for the reply paperdragon. There is an @autoattack / @autopilot command existing in a few servers I saw listed here in RMS. It is different from Openkore but thanks for the suggestion. To be clear, I am looking for 2 servers to play.