Looking for a Roleplaying server.

Started by Kotsru, Jul 25, 2023, 03:03 AM

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Hello everyone.

Im currently looking for a roleplaying server that has some sort of system in place like creating character and a living world where you actions can impact stuff. Its been a while since i searched around for something like this, so i was hoping maybe someone has any idea where i can settle down at.

ADM Ornstein

Hello there!

Return to Morroc has a large focus on lore and even a lore-discussion channel on our discord.

As for direct interactions, we have a Main Story Quest being added over time and our unique event "Call to Arms" happens and changes how the world evolves, such as increasing specific monsters power permanently, providing utility NPCs to the hub and many more. An example of a previous event all the hub area (the Orphanage) were kidnapped and players had to help defend the area from invading monsters, and being captured themselves if they died.

However the gameplay of PRM is pretty different, all classes, items, mobs, skills are custom, the combat is based on rotations and I can only recommend it if you have an open-mind and are looking for something new. If you prefer Pre-Renewal/Renewal and familiar stuff, it may not be the best.

We have around 300 online at all times not counting merchants and quite an active community :)

Working again on cool stuff for people tired of the old stuff.

This time invite only. :P


Thanks for the recommendation, but im looking for something more of small community kinda roleplaying server like AeonRO or Agharta from back in the day. Though it shard to find some dedicated roleplay servers like that now i know.


The last roleplaying server that was around died like two years ago from a lack of players and masters :( Specially because, in order to change jobs, you had to roleplay and earn it. This deterred people from playing much because they were stuck due to not having masters around. The usual cycle of "low players, better not join" -> "no players joining? better leave" -> "no players? no motivation to master"


Hey Kotsru!

Wow---Someone mentioning Aeon and Agharta! I haven't heard those names in a looong time.  I was only on for the tail end of Aeon but I look back very warmly on Agharta. Truly a labor of love by the GMs and storytellers. Do you remember the orc tribe quests on Agharta? Doing quests to befriended them and getting cool items ... ahh.

You wouldn't happen to remember Elast, AliceMuse, or Pharomacrus, would you? The majority of them haved moved on to FFXIV, but these three I've lost contact with.

Anyhow, enough reminiscing;; I think finding a dedicated RP server like that is hard.  There was one that briefly sprung up made by Binks (who was also on Agharta on a different name! Small world, eh?) but it's unfortunately off now.

Your best bet is finding a community on a large server; Project Return to Morrocc has one that I know of (and am part of!) so I really encourage you to give it a shot.  It's got well-fleshed out lore (completely reinvented, like with Agharta, Colico, Aeon, Aurora, etc--) that lends itself well to making an OC, and enough people to where you're sure to find like-minded people.  Actually, some pals I've known through other servers have their own discord to coordinate RP across servers.  PRM is where most of them hang now.

Alas, it seems the age of dedicated RP servers seems to be waning.  If you're interested in linking up, we can exchange discord handles and talk more :>


Know what, think i will take you up on that. Wouldn't mind having a bit mroe friends so you can DM me your discord handle if you like. I'll add ya myself.


Quote from: Kotsru on Jul 31, 2023, 04:30 PMKnow what, think i will take you up on that. Wouldn't mind having a bit mroe friends so you can DM me your discord handle if you like. I'll add ya myself.

Will do!