Looking for a server where I can main a High Priest (99/70)?

Started by Robuel, Jun 23, 2023, 06:28 PM

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Hi everyone!

Basically, I'm looking for a private server that has made some adjustments to a high priest that allows them to solo content with a max level of 99/70. I don't remember the name of the server I played years ago, but I recall they made changes to turn undead, holy light, and magnus so they can actually do damage to normal mobs and extra to shadow and undead element ones. The more recent server I played only changed ME where it could hit all mobs and extra for Demon race, Undead race, Shadow property, or Undead property w/ slightly reduced cast time but they closed :( Was hoping if anyone had any suggestions as I can't really find these specifics when looking at the server listings.

Thank you very much!


project alfheim has reworked priest/HP a bit, ME is able to hit all elements now, and the class itself is quite strong.