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Looking for a renewal server

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Thanks, found the rdata and sdata downloads. You should make those part of the lite client.

--- Quote ---You can always post in our facebook page
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I don't have a facebook account, nor do I want one.

Looking at your answers I guess I'll make only one character, and that will be AB. Asking a staff member to transfer my items or zeny every time I want to vend or need them on another account sounds unreasonable. I guess I won't vend, nor make more than one character.

We have two types of Lite Client installer provided.. one normal lite client (if you already have r.data.grf) and Lite client with renewal data (if you dont have rdata.grf it is included in this lite client), It is easy to make a request as we have an in-game support ticket NPC that staff frequently checks upon logging-in.. official forum will be up soon so i think this would help you report/ask stuffs about the server.. if you have any more concerns please do not hesitate to ask..


I've downloaded sdata and rdata.grf, moved them into my MalayaRO folder (had to overwrite the old rdata) and I'm still crashing in Prontera. I'm also crashing whenever I type in the wrong password by accident.
Since the server doesn't really fit my needs anyway (1x drop rates on boss, and no dual client), this is where I'm giving up and delete the client.

Btw after you paste sdata & rdata you need to delete midrate.mro file then patch.. always run client & patcher as admin.. I'm sorry if the server didn't meet your needs but thank you for trying us out anyways..

all the best!


--- Quote ---Hi there :)
I'm a player on FortuneRO and would like to introduce this server to you. As I do not want to waste your time, I'll warn you, that the current population does not meet your requirements, as the server is quite new. However, I still hope you will take FortuneRO into consideration:

(still being worked on)

The forums, here you can find the client download and other random information. If you have troubles, feel free to ask for help :)

Quote from: Seravy on Yesterday at 03:43 am

    -Rates of 10-200x (exp), 10-50x (items) 50x / 50x / 15x (lower card drop)
    -Must allow dual clients YES
    -Must have fully functional 3rd classes YES
    -Must use Renewal stat system, monster spawns, etc YES
    -No donations preferred, but if there are donations, they MUST be tradeable so you can get it by buying from other players, and can't be overpowered. YES. You can donate, but the items are tradeable and consist mostly of random cute gears or suprise boxes - I haven't come across any OP items so far
    -Must support costumes, mounts YES, mounts are supported. If by costumes you mean stuff like santa suit/Summer suit, they are supported as well, I think you can even buy summer suits, but I'm not 100% sure
    -Must have autoloot, alootid, warper, job changer. YES, along with other commands/services
    -Low cooldown on ET is preferred I think it's instant, but I'm not 100% sure
    -Should be non-PK server. YES, no PK mode
    -Should have a reasonable sized populaton. (50 is ok, 200 is better, 10 is not ok) This is the sad part, as the server is very new, the current player amount would be around 5

I really hope you will take a look into FortuneRO, as it has a very high potential. The staff is dedicated and friendly, and working very hard to make this the best midrate around
--- End quote ---
I tried FortuneRO yesterday and it doesn't use Renewal stat systems. The job changer was also broken so I couldn't proceed to 1st job to continue. The admin seemed willing to add renewal stat systems though (and he immediately logged in when he saw a player online, so he probably cares about his server a lot) so I'm going to check the server out again a few weeks later. The fact that I was the only player online is also a reason to wait and see how things turn out for this server.


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