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Looking for a renewal server

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--- Quote ----Rates of 10-200x (exp), 10-50x (items) - 150x/150x/Custom
-Must allow dual clients - We do not allow dual clients in one computer but you can use 2 computers though
-Must have fully functional 3rd classes - Yes and we're still updating
-Must use Renewal stat system, monster spawns, etc - Third Class is using aspd 193 and Renewal Casting Times
-No donations preferred, but if there are donations, they MUST be tradeable so you can get it by buying from other players, and can't be overpowered. - we have donation items but you can trade it to other players too
-Must support costumes, mounts - Yes we do support that!
-Must have autoloot, alootid, warper, job changer. - Yes we have this all.
-Low cooldown on ET is preferred - ET cool down is 4 days but once you finished ET 1 with your party mates you can enter ET2 (after a day)
-Should be non-PK server. ( yes we're non PK server)
-Should have a reasonable sized populaton. (50 is ok, 200 is better, 10 is not ok)- yes.

(Don't post CookieRO, cause I'm already playing there.) - This is IntenseRO not cookie RO :P

Alternatively, a fully customized server with custom still trees, skills, classes, races, stat systems and damage formulas, monsters, etc that is balanced is something I'd also be interested in trying.
Anything goes as long as it doesn't use pre-renewal stat systems, monster stats and damage formulas, and is better than normal RO.

--- End quote ---

Most of your requested server feature is supported in our server. Most monsters like the new ones are converted to its pre renewal counterpart. We have diff PVP and WOE for Thirds and Trans and Babies and ofc Baby Thirds. Our server is still updating and updating but we're not following all kRO's updates most of your requested Renewal System that our server uses is from jRO (Japan RO). Continuous development to improve the game mechanics and all is being done from 2009 till now and in the future.

Hope you find our server worth trying.

Intense Ragnarok Online (http://www.register.intense-ro.net)
Forums (http://www.boards.intense-ro.org)
For more info you can check our wiki at (http://www.intense-ro.info/wiki)


--- Quote from: Seravy on Sep 14, 2011, 04:06 am ---I tried FortuneRO yesterday and it doesn't use Renewal stat systems. The job changer was also broken so I couldn't proceed to 1st job to continue. The admin seemed willing to add renewal stat systems though (and he immediately logged in when he saw a player online, so he probably cares about his server a lot) so I'm going to check the server out again a few weeks later. The fact that I was the only player online is also a reason to wait and see how things turn out for this server.

--- End quote ---

Ah, I'm sorry, I thought it did already - I currently have no access to my computer so I couldn't check - my apologies!
The admin indeed DOES care a lot about the server, so I really hope more people will join, and you'll be one of them at some later point :D Thanks for checking it out!


--- Quote ----Must allow dual clients - We do not allow dual clients in one computer but you can use 2 computers though
--- End quote ---
This is the joke of the year. So people with 2 computers have an ingame advantage over people who have only one?
Well, there still is the option of not playing seriously and having only one character so I'll check it out.
Does using virtual computers work (like MS virtual PC)?
Oh, and is it ALLOWED to do that, or just possible but against the rules?

Oh, found it :

--- Quote ---Real Money Trading/Botting/Scamming/Hacking/3rd-Party Program use/Dual Login and Inter-server Trading (attempts or jokes of this kind of nature will also have the same sanctions) :
[o] 1st Offense: Full account wipe + IP block and all accounts linked to the user will be banned
--- End quote ---
Thanks, I could have gotten permanently banned just for trying it...so the same question for you as the malayaRO guy : How am I going to transfer my items and zeny between my male, female, and vending accounts without logging on with both characters?
(Please don't say somthing unreasonable like "ask a staff member" (they won't be available when needed) or "use mail" (Limited to 1 item), and give a real solution if there is one)

Edit : There is no renewal stat system, so this is NOT a renewal server. Sorry, I'm looking for a renewal one.

You can create a personal guild and use @gstorage (guild storage) to transfer a lot of items and transfer zeny after converting it to gold coins
You can create a separate character in your accounts (we support 18 characters), and use @storage first if you are already in some other guild.
Just connect all that separate characters with unique to you guild, and you're good to go.

You can invite another player while your guild storage is empty to invite your other character and them kick him off after that.

This works for the first 1-2 characters but if I make one 3 months later when the storage is already full then it doesn't. (And I can't invite myself)
Regardless, dual clienting is the least problem here.
This is not a renewal server.
No renewal stat system, and a single look at the marketplace tells me no renewal refining systems (goes to +20), and no renewal damage formulas either.
I'm also getting a ton of sprite errors after installing a fully patched ragray with light client which I also fully patched, but this also isn't important.
I was looking for a RENEWAL server and this is not one.

I've organized my first post by priority. Ideally, everything in Highest and High Priority should be available.


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