Looking for a low rate server with TaeKwon Ranker improvements

Started by Esperite, Jul 18, 2023, 06:21 PM

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Hi, I'm looking for a server with the following, in order of importance:

- A low rate server that has TaeKwon Ranker available, and that is not locked to the top 10 players of the TaeKwon rankings (but still need to do some TaeKwon Missions and/or other things in order to be "ranked")
- Modifications so that TK Rankers are more balanced, depending on which episode it is and whether trans are released or not (but I'm okay if it's mostly default mechanics)
- No dual client
- Low rate (~5x preferred)
- Stat/Skill reset available and not too restrictive
- No 3rd+ jobs
- No PK outside of PvP rooms, WoE, etc.

- Server located as close to USA/Canada as possible
- Episode can be any
- Population size does not really matter to me
- I'm okay with customizations, as long as it still feels like a regular RO server

Does such a server exist out there? Anything close to it? Any upcoming ones?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations!


Einherjar made some key changes to Taekwon:

  • Each rank point grants +1% Max HP/SP and +1% increased Unarmed damage (Max 200) with more bonuses unlocking at specific tresholds
  • Chant's buff is now based on # of stances so you don't need 10 alts on the map
  • Stances no longer pause attacks

Rates are 3x +floating. It does have custom classes and other customizations, but it's still pre-RE in essence. Dual is disabled and discouraged, resets are free.


In RagnaHeim, there is a balance of skills, and one of them is that Taekwon Boy/Girl can equip the Book type of weapon when they become a Ranker, but the ranking is limited to 5 slots instead of 10.
The server is not online yet tho, it will be opened in August (next month).

You can check the changes I've mentioned and other ones related to TK Class here:

Server rates will be 5x5x5.