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- They have "English Only Main Towns", which they have their Police to make sure that such rule isn't broken.
- Rates: 150x/150x/Custom
- Third Jobs are continuously being scaled with Official.
- Base & Job Levels: 99/50, 99/70, 150/70 (Third)
- Aspd: 190 for Non Thirds, 193 for Thirds
- Players are 200~300+ without vendors (around US Time, hits about 500+ at peak hours of GMT+8)
- Events are done in their Forums & in-game. There are the automatic ones every hour or so, but they have decent Staff members who host the Events when they're on.
- Active and Friendly Community as well as Staff. If there are any Staff on, you may reach them via @request.
- Definitely not a PK Server.
- They have some Custom items, but most of it is taken from Official. There's various quests to obtain them.
- Donation items are kept balanced and there's no extra in-game commands for Donators.
- @go, @storage, @gstorage, @at, @autoloot and more are available for everyone.

Visit their site (www.register.intense-ro.net) for more info. You can also check out their wiki (www.intense-ro.info/wiki) and forums (www.boards.intense-ro.org).

kaiya we would love to have you in our town

-English server, please.
hosted in uk, Owner (me) is american, Co admin is british
-Rates: The exact number doesn't matter, as long as it's mid rate and above.
until jan first, holiday rates are 55x/55x/20x
-Preferably have working third jobs, but is not required.
Third classes working 100%, and being improved/balanced
extended classes improved to be mid way on par
150=max lvl
-JLevels: 100+
120=max jlvl
-Aspd: 190+
196 aspd
-Has decent population of at least 60+ (vendors do not count).
we do not meet that... sorry its 1-10 but if you tried us you Would love us, and we need people like you to become 60+!
-Frequent events, preferably GM-hosted over automatic.
atm since not many users 1-3 daily, however we will do more as more users begin to join
-Active and friendly community as well as staff.
very friend/very active
we also include a live chat so you can contact us even fi your offline + a msn address to email + msn messenger
and we have a teamspeak service if those 3 methods isnt enough for you to contact us at! and live chat allows a webcam chat also!!
teamspeak info on our forums http://puregamingnetwork.com/forum
-I'm not big on pvp so preferably not a PK-dedicated server.
not highly on pk, however pk will be improved to be fun for anyone
-Has a wide selection of custom items (headgears, wings, rings, etc.) that aren't too hard to obtain in game.
you can obtain all customs through events/quests/high value custom mvp drops, party mvp drops, and various other ways such as Vote for points
-No game-breaking donation items, or big reliance on donations to get items.
not a problem no over overpowered donations here
-Commands like @go, @warp, and @storage would be loved.
@go has ALL cities added, even malaya
we are dedicated to be the most dedicated and most updated server available!!
@warp isnt needed as warper has EVERY instance/dungeon/field every floor! available!!
@storage is available during holiday season, however after, you can get cheap kafra passes from the cash shop npc
and to get cash shop points without donation, you can do events/vote for points and much more
we have 19 vote sites, and all 19 work on vote for points so thats 19 points every 12 hours!! just for clicking a link, and to make it better? they skip the captcha!
So try us at
any questions join the live chat no download needed come and say hi, ask anything you need to ask!


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