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If you have any doubts~ Let us know about NeuRO, we will happily answer them.

So, liek, you should totally join TwinkiedinkieRO <3

--- Quote from: Kuro Sutoka on Sep 05, 2011, 09:50 pm ---Requirements:
+ 25x-150x for Base and Job, 5-35x for Items. ✔ HELL YEAH 50/50/25 for opening week, then 30/30/15 reversion
+ Extended Classes are not hobby-classes [Actually useful for something, at least in PVM (i.e. I can start one as my first character and reliably hunt with it)] ✔ Anything is good with me, luv
+ Dungeon/Field Warper ✔ Totally d00d we gots one of those
+ All Dungeons don't require that you complete Quests to access'em [Somatology Laboratory, Moscovia Dungeon, Amatsu Dungeon, etc.] ✔ Lez be lazians together
+ Renewal Client ✔ Who the Hell doesn't have this?
+ @go, @storage ✔ We haz @go; but j00 dun really <3 @storage, nao, do you? Nah, didn't think so~
+ Feelings resetter [preferably as @command, grudgingly accepting zeny-sink NPC] ✔ @feelreset jajajaja
+ Lack of aggression on server [I've left too many good servers because of relentlessly-hateful people.] ✔ No one even talks d00d no worries~
+ Primarily-, if not entirely-English-speaking Community [Separate forums for languages is alright, but I won't join a German server [i.e.] and be burdened by language barriers rendering me unable to read a guide/updates/etc.] ✔ Russian forum separated from English forum, both getting their own set of translated rules, updates, etc.
+ Absolutely NO MVP Cards for sale through NPCs, even if just for PVM purposes. ✔ No, it is not a newbfug server

Will not accept, don't post if:
- 3rd Jobs are implemented in the server ✔ EW DID U EVEN JUST SAY THAT GROSS
- Levels are anything above 150/70 ✔ See Above ^
- Rates are anything below previously stated [with allowances, see below] ✔ S'all good homie
- Rates are anything above previously stated ✔ Even with the opening rates, izall good pancake
- MVP Card rate is at or above 1% [Must must must must must be lower than .75%, preferably .1%] ✔ 0.03% girlfrand
- Renewal [beyond client-only] ✔ See First Answer to List
- Premium Accounts of any kind [Donate $x or vote for a month straight to get certain @commands] ✔ No, we dun mooch dem rubies from people just to get some wonky commands jee, we're all-around gorgeous
- @warp is implemented, simply no real need for an overpowered command like that in the hands of players ✔ @warp is gtfo'd on this server
- Yggdrasil Item usage on WoE/PVP maps ✔/X I dun WoE fershizzle so I dunno
- @storage usage on WoE maps ✔ Told'ja you dun need @storage sweetie
- Custom items [Within reason, nothing above +10 To All Stats] ✔ Only hats, love, and auras, and cart designs, and name colours oo~ but nothing stupid
- Working God Items [Sleipnir, Megingjard, etc.] ✔ Although I love dem OP itemz, not available at twinkieland
- WINGS. UGLY ****ERS. DO NOT WANT. Usually imba to boot. NO. ✔ I said twinkieland, not faerieland
- Convex Mirrors are implemented. Most of the fun of MVPing goes away when they come into play; finding the MVPs. ✔ Haven't seen any dahlin'
- Non-English server; no Brazilian/Pinoy servers please [As in UI/NPCs are in non-English, or most of the players cannot comprehend English or choose not to communicate with each other in it; Speaking to the server in English but to friends in a foreign language is okay] ✔/X With me around, who cares <3 but seriously, if you can't understand Russian, you can't understand aggression, and if you can't understand that, no dramaz rite?
- MVP Cards are for sale through NPCs, even if just for PVM purposes. [insurance purposes, if someone does this anyway I can btslap them for not reading.] ✔ No, just no.

Would like to see [will boost chances of joining]:
~ 99/70 max level ✔ HELL YA BRO
~ Extended Classes on-par DD-wise with Transcendent Classes in PVM situations [Padded stat bonuses for killing power without Hatred] ✔/X Well, depends on what you're looking for - PvM, PvP... If you mean PvM, then Ranker is totally kk<3tiemz but if you mean PvP or WoE or something, we may have a problem here
~ Star Gladiators getting some love ✔ ME LOVE U LONGTIEM
~ Full Field/Dungeon Warper [All floors of every dungeon, every Field (Except MVPs, perhaps)] ✔ No MVP Levels though, sowwee ;w;
~ x1 MVP Card rates X Nu, 3x
~ Polite community [if not helpful] ✔ The Russians'll try to speak English to halp you? But we be PROS D00D y u asking for help, @kick
~ Little to no moderation of expression/speech [I hate client censorship and I hate being told to watch my language.] ✔ Pretty sure they don't care, I've spazzed the forum up enough already
~ Lord Kaho's Horns implemented X Sowwee ;w; but I gib cookie as replacement?
~ Community willing to cooperate with each other in many situations, mostly partying for levelling, but otherwise being courteous with each other ✔/X If you find someone'll who speak Ingrwish I'm sure of the 350 online at launch, someone of 'em will halp ya. I've found some English speakers roaming around, we make guild kkbai
~ Non-bandwagoning GMs [Sub-GM:"Head Admin says this, so I say it too because they're right/because they're my butt-buddy!111!!1!!!!1 [/fangirl]"] ✔ No situations have risen for this, though, but they seem kool
~ Team coordination required to MVP; soloing MVPs is boring and retarded. ✔/X I dun MVP but they haven't been touched so... same old, same old?
~ No strange/new ways to level [Old player, cba to learn new methods; I know how to level vanilla, and would like to not be punished for doing so (read as: Levelling slower than everybody else because I stick to old methods versus their confusing new methods)] ✔ SIROMAS BABY LESGO
~ Organized MVPing/Semi-buffed MVPs; I like seeing MVPing teams and hate seeing solo Godmode 99m-Asura Champions killing anything they see in one hit. X MVPs haven't been altered or modified in any way sowwee
~ Yusifer plays on the server ✔ Oh hey, girlfrand
--- End quote ---

So liek, here are some links and stuff?


I'll even throw in a cool picture for you:

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Kuro Sutoka:
Can't tell if trolling... or just fangirling at me.

Closed. Going to NeuRO, seeing as they're the only ones that were actually able to do this sh*t correctly, AND was the only server to come close to what I wanted.


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