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looking for a english speaking 3x/3x/3x/ to 15x/15x/15x/no 3rd jobs max lvl99 with a simple download i get confused very easy so i like full downloads i would perfer to find a server thats just starting but will be happy to join any and it must have a nice community unless its new than it doesnt matter since there isnt a community yet  ;D and balanced donations
NPC looking for
Dungeon warper
stat/skill resetter
platnium skill
if its not a full download please add info on how to download it cause when i hit a snag i get mad and start looking for a new server again :-\
also i cant use megaupload so if the server requires download for this i cant join every time i try to download from it it cancels the download without saying anything so i dont know how to fix it ???
thanks for the help  :D

Fresh? New? UtopiaRO NW is what you're looking for!

Server Age: Opening in September ✔ uRO v1 lasted >1 year; it is now being revamped for the New World project

Rates: 10/10/10-25/25/15 ✔
Max Level: 99/70 [No 3rd Jobs] ✔
Dungeon Warper: Yes ✔
Stat/Skill Resetter: Yes ✔
Platinum Skill NPC: As far as I know ✔
Healer: Yes ✔

Full Download: Should be available at launch (September 1st) ✔

thanks so much that server fits what i want perfectly all i need to do is wait now  ;D ;D ;D

Neato! Join the forum for pre-launch events and bonuses :]

Thanks for considering uRO.


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