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First of all I'm so sad that there are so many cheap people who want to play games for free only.
Cash isn't earned easily so it should be rewarded accordingly.

Looking for a server with a cash shop/donation shop where cash isn't undervalued.
I am not saying it should contain Kiel but it shouldn't be 100% full of costumes with no real benefits.

Been looking for a while so I doubt there is one, but just in case.

Anyways, it's sad that cheap people overwhelm private servers...

Epic Ragnarok Online:
Hello! You might want to try one of our servers. You may check some donation promos inside our discord server.

Feel free to check these two. We are not a pay to win servers but if you want some good donation promos, You can try ours :)

Nostalgia Ragnarok Online - 500/170 3rd Job High Rate Renewal (Already 1 Year)

Epic Ragnarok Online - 175/70 3rd Job Mid Rate Pre-Renewal (Going to 3 months)

Discord Links:
- https://discord.gg/8pbh6dz - NostalgiaRO
- https://discord.gg/6GUXyBBC7e - EpicRO

You can check out Limit Ragnarok.

Guarantee you that your Donations will be worth and all our donates = tradable :)
Donators in my servers lives a good entertainment life <3

At DreamerRO, donators have instant access to all headgears, armors (shields, robes, shoes, etc), custom/boss cards, consumables and grind-saving services. Your donation credits can also be exchanged for other in-game currency such as zeny and bg badges, unlocking access to all those feature shops.

These benefits also apply to non-donators, as every in-game currency (bg badges, zeny, events) all can be exchanged into DreamerRO Tokens.

Aqua Ro have plenty of limited costumes that can be bought with cash


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