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Author Topic: LF> Renewal server where getting gears doesn't take forever  (Read 756 times)

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Offline SaKuRaMa

I'm somewhat neutral when it comes to EXP rates, although I'd like to steer clear of super high rates/instant max level/PVP focused servers.
Renewal is very gear-dependent and I'd like a server where it's possible to have a decently performing character or two in a somewhat short time without having to put in weeks and months of constant playtime. So, I'd like decent drop rates and the availability of kRO/jRO/iRO stuff and gears without grinding for weeks or paying half a kidney.
I'm largely a solo player, so bonus points to any server where I can access most or all content solo without having the top tierest of top tier gears. 

Also big bonus points if the server isn't too wildly customised, especially if there's the choice to do job change quests, I love those. The more updated, the better, but I'm also somewhat flexible here.

TL;DR: I kinda want TalonRO, but make it renewal.


Offline xerus01

Re: LF> Renewal server where getting gears doesn't take forever
« Reply #1 on: Apr 27, 2021, 06:55 pm »

Although its thai server, its good for solo player. Foreigners are welcome, including me. All are latest Episode 18.1, from the 4th job, Constellation Tower up to the latest Tomb Remorse are here.

Full list of what available> https://hazyforest.com/instances:list

Contact @Asteroth for newbie guide
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