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I'm looking for a pre-renewal server that has a lot of headgear quests to keep me occupied, lol. But please nothing ridiculous such as kill 1k mvps/farming mvp vouchers. Other than that, I would prefer low rates, but wouldn't mind looking into servers with higher rates.

heRO is pretty entertaining for lr words words words  /hmm

Check HeRO server, more on the info is on their wiki http://www.pandoraonline.net/heRO_wiki/index.php?title=Category:Custom_Quest_Guides

they also have custom gear set for unpopular build for various classes, look for the name ended in equip set http://www.pandoraonline.net/heRO_wiki/index.php?title=Category:Custom_Items

Hi there, I'm one of the owner of AspectRO, a recently opened classic server.

Here you can see our list of Headgear Quests --> Headgear Quest NPCs list

I'd consider our server as an hybrid between classic and pre-renewal since we're on episode 8.2 and we offer more training spots such as Einbroch and Lighthalzen, also homunculus are available.

Our server offer a constant progression and proxies for all the major areas of the RO community. Right now Asia proxy is up and as soon as the community requires more we'll add them.

You can see most of our basic features HERE

I consider us to be a very active team, if you wish you can ask our community which is very active on Discord and on #main in game. We're working very hard to make the server grow since classic is not the most popular type of server right now, but we do add new features weekly and there's absolutely no P2W content. We only offer costumes in our cash shop, but you can still buy some exp boost and some more interesting items into the Event Currency Shop which is available to everyone. We don't believe in VIP systems, everyone is equal and deserve to be able to get any items they want for the most part.

For now we reach 50 players on weekends mostly, but the server is constantly growing instead of having 200-300 players in the first few weeks and then dying abruptly like most new low rates server.

Official Website

you might want to check http://overlord-ro.com/ this server is still on beta and we have a lot of quest headgears and more to come! thanks!


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