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LF> mid rate pre-re server with random options on equip



i am looking for a decent mid rate pre-re server with random options on equip. I only found a new low rate with this kind of stuff.

Please suggest some.

Edit: Should mention please no renewal servers

I am on a mid rate with a lot of custom, but which preserves the pre renewal gameplay, if ever you are interested, the server just opened a little while ago .

an example of custom on my current hat

tips:The wiki is very complete if you are curious

Not sure if this is the LR you mentioned, but RagnaTales is going to have this system. Open beta going on right now: https://www.ragnatales.com.br/
It premiers in a couple of weeks and is really hyped up in the brazilian RO community, but is not really gonna be a MR depending on your standards (10x/10x).


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