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Author Topic: Seeking modern w/ QoL, mid to high rate  (Read 1475 times)

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Offline ArcaneCossack

Seeking modern w/ QoL, mid to high rate
« on: Dec 05, 2020, 06:19 pm »
Hi! I miss old Ragnarok Online. However, I don't like being limited to 2-1/2-2 trans.

I would love to find a server with a decent population and rates somewhere between 75-500x that does things like make Mora enchants not more layers of RNG on top of existing layers of RNG. I miss back when you could get going with a +4 item instead of needing multiple +7 to +11 items to function as a class.

I'd like to find a 17.2 or 17.1 server with some of this:

Things I like:
Soloing content
Being social
Farming up stuff
Lots of content, lots of custom stuff
Cash shops being full of absolutely inane items/just costumes
cheap food buffs/soul link/stalker skills/other conveniences being in town

Things I do not like at all:
Strict kRO (for example, not using OCP or implementing decisions from kRO regardless of whether they fit the server because kRO did it)
Lots of randomness, like buying enchants for Illusion gears (good!) and then finding out buying them is random (ugh!). There's fun random (Hocus Pocus, dead branches, old card albums) and there's unfun random, like the aforementioned random illlusion gear upgrade items.
Mandatory parties/"raid" mechanics
Important things being locked behind cash shops, like gym passes or abrasives
Gold rooms, MvP rooms

Things I'd love to see on a front page right now:
at least like 150 people on, not counting vendors/autotrade
news regarding 4-1/4-2
news regarding events, like limited time hats that ideally aren't account bound


Offline vohoangquan1996

Re: Seeking modern w/ QoL, mid to high rate
« Reply #1 on: Dec 07, 2020, 03:30 am »
I think you should try Shining Moon RO, especially their Nifheim  realm. They have a lot of QoL stuff going on there, lots and lots of customization. Things are taken from iRO, kRO, jRO.

Highlighted Feature:
- They are on the newest 17.2 ep and having their hand on the 4th job update. The sprites are already available in live server.
- Customized endgame hunting ground for your solo / group play.
- Customized Soul system, multi class system, exp rate system for your personal liking ( it come with rewards ).
- Costumes are obtainable from monsters / in-game content. Of course they are all enchantable through both official and custom means.
- Crafting system for items (iRO, jRO cash shop item?). Yes they are challenging but rewarding.
- Cash shop is full of stuff that player can buy including costume, refine ores, food, headgears,... ( But everything can be obtain through playing the game, even the anti bot system give you rewards if u somehow trigger them while farming )
- Special currencies obtainable in game that can be exchange for cash point. You get these currencies from playing the game. No there is no limit on how much u can acquired in set amount of time.
- kRO official Card Exchange Event every quarter. They come with MVP cards as well.
- Zeny does matter!
- Buff / Food can easily obtained through farming or buying with special currencies.
- Vote for point shop. Yes they are still exist, Loyalty system, Daily Calendar system.
- World Boss for class shadow gears and special aura. (Each unique world boss has their special mechanism)
- Periodically rates up event, recharge bonus.
- Seasonal events
- Custom NPC for QoL changes. ( Instances NPC. Exchangers )

There is a lot more that u can check through their webpage or in game.

Offline ArcaneCossack

Re: Seeking modern w/ QoL, mid to high rate
« Reply #2 on: Dec 07, 2020, 06:14 pm »
Already did Shining Moon. They set up a kRO server (Helheim) and it ate 70% of the playerbase and dev attention.

I've spent the most time recently (the last three years?) on NovaRO/Niflheim in Shining Moon and Shining Moon's got stuff like safe refine tickets that I like a lot but I couldn't tell how much of the playerbase was just gone to Helheim and asking in their discord had someone tell me it was a 70/30 split but they didn't feel like looking at the numbers, so I didn't get n actual player number that way.

It is good to see something close to what I want pop up! I was kind of low on hope.