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For a long time now I've been looking for renewal server (preferably with homun s, oboro, etc.) based in Europe.
100-150 ms respond time is a lot... despite what some ppl say.

My dream rates would be from x10 up to x50, drop too, since getting max lvl w/o gear aint funny at all, but some servers still keep it at x1 drop even if their experience rates are far over x10.
Also, if homunculus/pets loyality increase rate would match server's rates (same reason as above).

no @warp command

That's it, basically. :P

About 2 months ago (after few years...) I played on server like that, LunaticRo (http://www.lunaticro.eu/) a diamond in a the rough, but there was like 3 ppl online top... . Today it's website does not load, so I guess it is down.

PS. Once I saw a cool feature, server had Warper NPC, but to unlock warp destinations, player had to get to those places him(her)self first and talk with an NPC located somewhere around dungeon or town.

Well... this is a shameless "bump".  /gg

PS. I did read the rules, and understood them. But I am still looking for server like that (other way I would just make a new topic with same informations). I assume this is a good reason for a bump /?

It took that much time, because I did found one, but there are like 3 ppl online (max) and it was like that since I joined... .
I admire.. maybe not..., but I am impressed, that admin is keeping it alive (no-mercy.org* - german server, but I did not have any problems with communication in game or forum). Come and join or recommend some other.  /??

*50/50/50, vote for points or donation, @go (towns), VIP (gives higher rates - for 6000 points from votes/donation), admin does (with a delay :P) read the forum. Server's client is not finished.. there are some korean symbols, some items from cash shop don't have icons, selecting some items (Cacao) with right mouse button may crash the game, etc. .
Cash Shop has items like "Lord Kaho's Horn" and other "disabled" items.

Necromantic /omg bump ;)

Some random words here, sine I got a notice about not enough words on this post.

Anyway once again I am free and have a few hour a day to waste. What I would like to see as a servers features did not change, that's why I am bumping.

/omg so your taste haven't change over the years.  I think that's one of the reason people keep coming back to RO.

Did you find anything else in between from 2016 till now other than the one you linked?

I palyed on few, most of them were in Europe, but barely anyone played there, (Maybe most players are coming from Asia and Americas?) so after few months owners were deciding to close it (last one I tried was Harmonyro - will close in a week or so).

About a year ago I (once again) went to official server, but no matter what, I can not bear that zoom (i could even live w/o @autoloot). - I forgot to add this as a servers features.

PS. Maybe I should just move oversea? ;)


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