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LF> Low/Mid rate No Trans / Server with Non-Trans WoE


We have an entire guild that is looking for a new server.

We are looking specifically for:
About 10x-15x rates
Some version of non-trans WoE (either non-trans or Baby WoE)
Active in all WoE's
Low Custom NPC's (healer, warper, ect)
No overpowered donations
Active GM Team
Primarily English Speaking

We are a semi-large guild of old-school iRO players who are looking to relive the glory days of WoE before there was Recall and all these ridiculously overpowered equipments. We're all adults, so we don't have all the time in the world to spend farming and building up stuff, but we want to WoE, and we also don't want to have our experience ruined by ridiculous custom NPC's and donations.

I hope to hear from you soon.

The only server I can think of that isn't ridiculously customized would be RetRO.

It's purely Non-Trans, no custom NPCs (not even a Town Warper!). The rates are 2/2/2 since there is no trascending.

WoE seems to be active with 3-4 Guilds. Population on and off WoE treks around 40-50 "players" and 20 vendors.

GM Team appears active. Not sure about donations, whilst the server also appears to be mainly anglophones.

If that's no good, then you might have to adjust your demands, as most "WoE" Servers have players that demand it be easy - Healers, Warpers to Castles, Card Removers, even Buffers - thus to adhere to the majority, server owners become accustomed to just implementing them right away.

We're actually looking to leave RetRO right now because of the inactive WoE and inactive GM's. I'll keep looking though thanks. I'm willing to budge on the NPC's since they're not that serious.


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