LF> Low-rate server (1x to 25x) non-renewal server that can run on Linux Mint

Started by powerstarprince, Jun 15, 2024, 04:07 AM

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Hi Ragnarokers,

I have played private RO servers for a very long time, since 2008. I also played the official India Ragnarok Online in 2005 and a few high-rate private servers before I found RMS. Since then, I have been able to play on multiple private servers, starting from RaijeRO and was deeply addicted. I later moved to classic servers like RetRO and ended up in OriginsRO.

In 2021, I switched from Windows to Linux. Thankfully, an OriginsRO client was available to play on Linux using Lutris. However, it wasn't as smooth as on Windows. The CPU and GPU overheat a lot, and the game lags after 5 minutes.

I'm looking to return to RO but play on my Linux laptop. As we all know, OriginsRO was shut down and rebranded as Arcadia Online. This server is yet to re-open. Apart from them, is there any other RO server available that can run on Linux Mint?

As an official server player and then low-rate lover, I play at rates between 1x and 25x. I'm also open to mid-rate servers with rates not more than 100x if there are no low-rate servers on Linux.

My other requirements are described below.

Server population: There should be more than 200 real people
Base and Job levels: 99/50 or 99/70
Multi-client: I prefer not to have multi-client enabled
War of Emperium: WOE FE or WOE SE that can happen weekly once on weekends
Time zone: IST (GMT+5:30)
Server location: Should not have ping more than 250ms
Server age: Shouldn't be more than three years old

I can't think of any more reasons than to start playing on one very soon. Please help me find my new home. I would be glad to join you in the game.