LF> Low-rate 3x-7x (pre-renewal)

Started by lolwth, Jun 19, 2024, 08:59 AM

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I've tried uaRO, it has a good community but the GMs doesn't seem to know what they're doing so I'm looking for a new low-rate server to play on.

- 99/70 (pre-renewal)
- single client
- no custom items (no wings please)


( /swt chatgpt /sry) Hello, I am working on a server that will open in September and it seems to match your requirements. It's a low-rate server with GMs who have real experience as tryhard players (good knowledge of the game). There are no overpowered items like enriched/bubble/infinityfly/rwc hat/book xp/token/etc. The server is set in episode 13.2 and is for unique accounts only.

Regarding the unique account system, it's a bit special. Let me explain: you have the possibility to be accompanied by a "robot" which acts like a player. You need to level it up, equip it, and allocate its stat points and skill points, just like a real player. You can let it play automatically (like a more intelligent hommonAI) or switch to manual control with a single click (this also switches your shortcut bar, making it ergonomic). The robots are also tradable as they can be stored in a "robot core" (pokeball?) (maximum one robot per player). It's up to you to decide if this counts as a single account or a double account. You only run one client, but you manage two characters ^^'. The server is already accessible if you want to see how it works. DISCORD /no1