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Started by momoka, Dec 25, 2020, 09:30 AM

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So, I've been looking for SHR server..... and guess what 95% listed, you cant solo MVP.... please remove your server to High rate... as there no SHR feels to it.... 9999999 EXP and drop rate doesn't make you SHR....

Merry X-mas


Rather than making a topic in the advertisement section that is not an advertisement, I'll move your topic here to see if anyone can suggest a server that suits your taste.

Merry Christmas to you too.


I'm pretty sure, it's listed as an "SHR" server as the rates are above higher than normal. As for the MVPs not being able to solo, it's most likely that the feature of the server tweaked the MVP stats so that users won't be able to one shot MVP's that being most of the MVPS due to the overly high stats based of the server. RO is still a community based game and apparently the servers you played on did not design the MVP's to be for solo users.


The "rate" really refers to the Exp rate and not to the features.

Might as well argue that it's bad for a low rate servers to have customs, because most low rate players want an official experience. So all low rate servers with customs should call themselves mid rate server.

If anything you could suggest to yC to add an info for "MVPs are soloable". Or maybe "party-oriented" vs. "solo-oriented" server. Or you just ask the server owners on their discord.


Rates alone aren't really a good measure of how grindy/hard a server is, it's all about the features and mechanics.


RMS basis for SHR is the rates and same goes with the rest, as stated by Playtester, you can message yC as she is the owner of RMS.

Also, I don't mean to offend anyone, but IMHO HR and SHRs are trash, they tend to close after a month of cashcowing people lmao.