LF a real episode 11 server (not fake s*** like YumiRo) 99/70 mid rate

Started by Styll, Dec 15, 2020, 01:57 PM

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I want a real 11.3 server, mid rate - mid low, no satan crap
I had hope in yumi ro, but everything went really wrong, it is a dead server 13.2 like all the other thousand that abound in the tops



I guess OriginsRO gets closest to that: https://originsro.org/

It's not 100% official (Herc based and some customs and inaccuracies), but it's pretty close. It's currently on episode 10.3, but will get episode 11 eventually.


i try to like origins, but low rate  + zero Quality of Life npcs (warper, healer, etc etc) make my gameplay a torture, not a fun time u.u