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Author Topic: LF> A server that started not too long ago (not 2+ years) with 10~20 Rates  (Read 309 times)

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Offline Daresair

I'm looking for a new server to play on.
My time as a father is now more limited how it was years ago when I had the time to play 10+ hours a day, so I'm looking for a server with decentish rates (10~20ish) and some custom npcs like healer, job changer but nothing too crazy like lv 4 dungeon warps or buff npc.

The server can have donations, but not those that are OP like equipment. Id prefer costumes and stuff like bubblegum / manuals / gym ticket ect, something that dosent break the game.

Also please dont suggest me a server that launched in like 2018 or something, kinda looking for a new experience that dosent have a super burned out community that only plays for themselves. You know what I mean.

Thanks!  See ya on the new server :D