LF lowrate (3/3/3 - 10/10/10 min/max) pre-renewal

Started by RanganarokPlayer7, May 06, 2024, 03:55 PM

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Saw a few recent ones but looks like they're all just copy-pasters praying they get the crowd of players still lost from originsRO, or inexperienced dev's that need to be double checking stuff a little more before startinga  server.

would love an origins or rise of midgard style server

Ideally looking for a server running a patch before satan-morroc

ty for any suggestions in advance.


Hi @Ragnarokplayer7, if you're like me and fed up with incompetent GMs who simply host an emulator on a dedicated server, create a cash shop, grab a couple of features from the rAthena forum, and then talk to us as if they've worked hard to achieve that (I get it, they work hard, because they're completely novices in the field /swt ). Anyway, I'll stop there, but it saddens me that players still don't notice the scam. You just have to read their patch notes to quickly realize the trap... We should write a guide on 'How to Detect a Scam'. /hmm

I am one of the founders of the server. I don't do development work, but I actively contribute to the server's design. I play a lot on the server to get a player's perspective (one of the few ways I can contribute, and here is my feedback

Anyway, back to the point. Personally, I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Dayone, a server that I'm actively following for several reasons: (I've been playing Ragnarok for 15 years straight, so I've encountered a lot of servers/GMs)

  • A competent GM without a doubt. Every bug report or quality-of-life improvement is fixed/made within 24 hours.
  • A unique system with robots to assist you in your leveling or party creation phase (no more 'Seek last: dancer or prof / bard / Priest for go thor / abbey 3 etc..').
  • A clever mix between low rate and mid rate (avoids mindless grinding - drop in stacks/steal in stacks), no deslot, robots help you to drop items (no autoloot), free reset stats/skills, and so many other features
  • Server with whitelist access and mono-account (numerous NPCs to simulate dual accounting + robots).
  • No Gepard protection, which in my opinion is useless, except for installing a Trojan on players' PCs and slowing down game loading (my mouse software has never been detected by Gepard, lul).
  • Unique events: no more 'search the poring', 'find the mushroom', or other events we've known for over 10 years now.
  • No cash shop/VIP and no stupid items like Token of Silfried, Kafra card, enriched ori/elu, bubble, book xp, etc...
  • A donation system (no advantages, not even a jellopy) to finance new features for the server (e.g., client modifications, purchasing an RCX (equivalent to @lgp), purchasing a costume pack from a spirit creator, etc...).
  • 2000+ costumes obtainable with zeny from an NPC.
  • GMs who know the endgame of RO in every detail, they're not clueless when we talk about intricate things/mechanisms often poorly understood by players.
  • No skill modifications, vanilla gameplay, except for quality of life improvements (for example: Preserve from Stalker isn't disabled after logout).
  • Elo-based ranking system for 1v1 champion matches (130 dex only acc) or 1v1 matches with robots.
  • ranking, instance speedruns (an example: start Abyss Lake 1 and run to kill Detale as fast as possible, with maximum party limitations / no flywing, no speed potion)."
  • More than 300 Discord accounts following, even though the server is still in alpha
  • I'll stop here because there's so much to say, considering it's only in alpha. I strongly invite you to download it and see the potential for yourself.

In short, for me, the most promising server of this year (without hesitation). They plan to open the beta soon, and if all goes well, the grand opening will follow.
EDIT :I forgot to mention that the rates are set to the rates you're looking for, but for the episode, it's Nydogg
Discord => Dayone /ok


Going to drop this here https://ragnaroktimelines.net/ - Server is phenomenal and the owner has vision.



WorldRO  https://worldro.org/
I can't say enough.  Everything is available for reasonable amounts of zeny (Infinite Flywing for 60z.) or for reasonable quest-able items. (Snake Head Hat [1] for 300 Snake Scale and 10 Opal.)
Guild Dungeon pass for like 1m zeny for 3 days.
It's setup for a population of 1...or 1000.

I left a review of it a couple days ago.
Server population has doubled since then.
We've got around 40-50 players now.


I'm currently playing on Project Sunshine and I'm having a lot of fun. There's always leveling parties so level wont be a problem


Quote from: Mammouth on May 07, 2024, 01:00 AM
  • No Gepard protection, which in my opinion is useless, except for installing a Trojan on players' PCs and slowing down game loading (my mouse software has never been detected by Gepard, lul).

Aside from the fact that server sounds atrocious, should've started and ended with this. No gepard lmao. There's a reason it's standard. Cuz it works well. Enjoy your crappy bot server.