Looking for a new place to stay

Started by chessman128, Nov 04, 2023, 06:27 AM

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Hi all,

it's Tim here,

I am a returning player, seeking a new home in the renewal server( best 4th class available)

rate: from 5 -500 ( low to mid)
friendly community!
high population ( I love playing together with friends,raid dungen)

I am happy to get to know people, especially if you are living in Melbourne / Australia :)


[email protected]

I would recommend the low rate MemorialRO 3x/3x/3x ep13.2 server with very low customizations, really brought me back old memories of playing!



I like MemorialRO too.  /no1 
Asking for high population on RO is a bit too much for this game.


if u like midrate style very fast leveling, but very lowrate in droprate. i can recommend playbaldr.


i think the best 4th job server right now might be shining moon server, i played it a bunch and is super good, you can chose your own rates for extra drop bonus too, its from x1 to x100
it has a lot of ppl playing too


There is a brand new server. Launched like 3 days ago.


Around 1k players online. It doesn't have traditional rates. It has a low rate feeling. Cards are 0.1% with bad luck protection where a card drops after you kill 1500 of the same monster. There are other things that modernise the RO experience. Re-balanced classes and skills for example. So far it's been very chill and enjoyable to play there. :)