Customized Pre-Re Mid Rate server

Started by Gene, Nov 14, 2023, 02:39 AM

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PRE-Renewal only
99/70 Trans
Accepts customization - be it gears or changes to classes in bg/woe maps
-> RO meta has been the same for years, I wanna see some changes with this
Any other minor customizations are welcome, if it's major we'll have to see.

Been trying to look for one for a while now.

Playing with a small group of 3-5 players



Try this new server - RO: Battle of the Guilds. We just opened last November 4, 2013.

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heRO. Don't be fooled by rates label being low as many drop rates tweaking happened and custom mobs or maps have good exp, meaning you will breeze if you have some sort of background on grinding or just communicate with people.

Two aspects heRO excels at are the no wipes, for the good and for the bad of it, and customs. Custom gears enable many different play styles that are only glimpsed on vanilla but are missing something to shine or be useful farmers or competitors. heRO has some right pieces that fit on those builds.

To point, its a slow moving server. It doesn't have large population and people prefer to plan things ahead over spontaneous partying as playerbase covers many timezones. But as you are playing with a group, it could be an experience by itself. Can send a message over main and see if anyone around to gang up.


hey, you should try HataRO :D

tons of headgears, friendly GM and players, and there are some customization on skills too  /no1

feel free to check out the server  /no1


i recommend Play Baldr International, the owner of the server is the also the main developer of the server, dont wanna brag but she's also the owner of the previous 10yr server Intense-RO which been close out due to pandemic back on 2019 and now finally coming back again seeking for another decade with this server. its a 100x/100x/1 , very fast to level up, but very hard to hunt for items, because its a long term kind of a economy progress.