LF Mid/High server

Started by FishCrackers, May 10, 2024, 09:49 PM

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Hello im looking for a Mid/High server which dont have any or heavily-customized stuffs. Just wanna play RO with a Mid/High rates but in an oldschool vibes, even the dmg number is oldschool. No HD textures stuff too. Just a pure oldschool RO vibes.


Hello, what do you mean by old-school? No warper/no job changer? You'll have a hard time finding a Mid/low without all these features, but it must surely exist given the number of servers out there. If your goal is to quickly get a dose of RO without having to grind like crazy, I invite you to come and test Dayone. It's currently in development (so you'll find few players), but the rates are currently high (75/75/25) (minimum drop rate 2.5% for cards/equipment).

If you feel like giving your opinion/feedback on a project in progress, you're welcome to do so /ok . (There are no significant skill modifications, 95% is vanilla.) However, Dayone offers the option to be accompanied by a robot (AI) of your choice to escort you on your adventure (optional). Concrete example: you main Support, but you want to kill MVPs, you can play Priest and heal your Knight robot who will go bowling bash the MVP. /no1